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Your pillow may be preventing a restful sleep

Do you find yourself unable to get to sleep despite trying various techniques? Have you been counting sheep, tossing and turning all night only to hear the alarm clock buzz all to early? Most of us have experienced sleepless nights. But when this becomes a regular occurrence, the reason may not be obvious.

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Sweet and inspiring

During Autism Awareness Month in April, Dunkin’ Donuts Bahamas is partnering for the second consecutive year with the Seahorse Institute, one of the country’s leading organisations providing multidisciplinary interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other related behavioural challenges.

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Ergonomics and your health

What is ergonomics?

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Healthy launch for Purity Organic at Club One Fitness Centre

Purity Organic recently launched its all-natural, not from concentrate line of organic fruit and veggie “super juices” and juice blends at Club One Fitness centre during a special ‘Healthy Happy Hour’.

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Wheelchairs donated to SRC in lead-up to Push-a-thon

SANDILANDS Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) was recently the recipient of several new wheelchairs donated by members of corporate Bahamas. The donations came just in time for a special event which seeks to promote mobility in the elderly.

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Crown it!

A dental crown (cap) is a fixed device/restoration that fully covers the portion of the tooth that is visible in the mouth.

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Crowning the Bahamas’ ‘Biggest Loser’

AS advocates against obesity and founders of a local weight loss company, the husband and wife duo of Reginald and Santoya Edgecombe saw it fitting to team up with the Bahamas Medical Centre (BMC) for a fitness challenge that would jump-start more than two dozen persons on a path to a healthier life. 

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Proven ways to fall asleep faster . . . and enjoy a deeper sleep in the process

Most of us know how it feels after we’ve had a great night’s sleep. For me, the world becomes a better place and those first few breaths of fresh morning air are exhilarating. We sometimes deprive ourselves of this very basic need, and it’s not always intended. Our lives are full of distractions and these days smart devices may by the biggest culprits.

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Rotary has heart

The Rotary Club of East Nassau said it is honoured to be able to support the Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation in its mission to assist children in the Bahamas with heart disease.

Why you may be sick and tired of being sick and tired

With the unusual cold snap we experienced at this time of year, comes a seasonal cold or flu for some of us. But new research explains that sleep can be the best preventative medicine.

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Praying for Anjalee

Six-year-old battles leukaemia with faith

Receiving a cancer diagnosis will always be heart-breaking, but receiving the news that your child is battling the often deadly disease is devastating.

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Cancer Society calls for increased colon screenings

THE Cancer Society of the Bahamas will raise awareness of colon cancer during its upcoming forum with the hopes of inspiring people to undergo early screening.

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Questions linger over obesity ties to colon cancer

Next time someone asks you to go for a walk or get up and dance, jump at the chance. The simple act of moving may take you steps closer to avoiding cancers associated with sedentary lifestyles and obesity.

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A solution for chronic back pain

Several years ago, I suffered agonising back pain for months and endured several hospital visits.

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Live Mouth Smart

World Oral Health Day is recognised every year on March 20. It was launched in 2013 by the FDI World Dental Federation to help raise awareness of the importance of having good oral health and to highlight the significance a healthy mouth has on the entire body. World Oral Health day is promoted locally by national dental associations in over 140 countries worldwide.