Read it before you eat it

When you are considering the purchase of a new appliance or new car, do you just pick one off the shelf or from the car lot and buy it? Most likely not.Typically, consumers want to know what is the best appliance or vehicle to suit their needs. For e

Neocolonialism, paternalist patriarchy and the male body

We do not often discuss the male body or the gaze on the male body. Men are to be physically chiselled with endless abs, long muscles and large endowments. But what happens if this is not who or what we are?We build up so many young people to think t

Life after diagnosis

Q: What do I do after my child has been diagnosed with autism?A: There’s no doubt that after your child has been diagnosed with a developmental delay your life as a parent is never the same. The diagnosis can be frightening and many of you feel left

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Doctors Hospital's scholarship students vow to return home

Recipients of this year’s Doctors Hospital expressed a desire to return home after their studies abroad to help improve healthcare here in the Bahamas. Many also stated their intentions to obtain degrees in fields which currently have a shortage of s

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Changing the outdated model

In the early days of slavery, enslaved Africans were inferior beings; they had no souls so were not human. As science and religion progressed and then slavery ended, a different system of keeping blacks inferior had to be created.The church allowed b

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Beat the heat as an expectant mom

SUMMER is said to be one of the best times to conceive, since by the time expectant mothers reach their second and third trimesters, they will have beaten the heat and can prepare to “babymoon” before the birth next Spring.However, for those already

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Kids help make Bahamas plastic-free

WITH a vision of making the country a plastic-free environment, the Bahamas Plastic Movement hosted its fourth annual summer camp in which 30 students discovered a new-found appreciation and understanding of the cause.For an entire week, the Plastic

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Bahamians asked to go ‘dunking for polio’

Following last year’s success, the Rotary Club of New Providence will once again be hosting “A Dunking for Polio” in aid of the international service organisation’s mission to end polio.

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GOOD TO KNOW: The price of convenience

It’s all about convenience. We all live busy, stressed-filled lives where everything has to happen fast. Most of us opt for a quick and convenient fast food meal rather than patiently preparing and enjoying a healthy home-cooked meal. We rather order stuff online and have it delivered to us the next day than sourcing for locally made products. We prefer to purchase our kale wrapped in plastic at the grocery store rather than planting, growing and harvesting it in our gardens. But what is the price we are paying for convenience?

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'Miracle Treat Day' spotlights Down syndrome community

WITH its fourth annual Miracle Treat Day, Dairy Queen turns its attention to those with special needs in the Bahamas who are seldom in the spotlight – children with Down syndrome .On this year’s Miracle Treat Day, scheduled for July 27, patrons of Da

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Out of the darkness

After being unemployed for over a year, popular local musician and artist Steve “Too Loose” Holden had to face yet another challenge – an unexpected medical condition which led to mounting treatment costs, but which ultimately restored some of his fa

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New website to serve as 'one stop shop' for HIV/AIDS resources

CARICOM’s Deputy Secretary General, Dr Manorma Soeknandan, on Friday officially launched a new website designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for information and data on HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean.The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANC

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GOOD TO KNOW: The dark side of plastics

Our toxic love of plastic might be sending us to an early grave. Prostate and breast cancer rates have risen exponentially over the past couple of decades, fertility rates in men and women have dropped dramatically, young girls have entered early puberty, young boys have become increasingly hyperactive, and children have become obese.

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Are Bahamian youths being prepared to live in a vocational climate?

At this time of year, when 17 and 18-year-olds all feel that the world is their oyster, and freedom from parental restrictions, the confines of academic institutions, along with the bliss of adulthood on the horizon, it seems fitting to explore a que

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Know your status - Bahamians take part in Regional HIV Testing Day

FOR some people it was the longest 15 minutes of their lives and for others it was simply a ritual they have become accustomed to – getting their fingers pricked, then waiting for the results from a rapid HIV test. Scores of Bahamians gathered in Raw