The conversation Bahamian parents fear

Autonomy in adolescence: Too soon or not soon enough?

Adolescence expert Dr Laurence Steinberg asks two very pertinent questions of family dynamics, firstly: “How can we best characterise normative family relationships during adolescence and is adolescence a time of parent/child conflict?” Secondly, “How do variations in parent/child relationships affect the developing adolescent?”

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Edith Stuart bids farewell to KFC after 48 years of service

In 1969, two years after KFC Nassau opened its doors as the first quick-service franchise in the country, a 17-year-old Edith Stuart walked through the doors of the Mackey Street location for her first day of work at the fledgling Bahamian-owned franchise. Now, 48 years later, as KFC Nassau celebrates its 50th anniversary, Ms Stuart has decided to hang up her apron and retire.

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Seniors get fit with Jemi

THE adage ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’ is increasingly becoming a mantra when it comes to senior citizens engaging in physical activity.

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Blaming the boys

Why are these boys behaving so badly? What’s wrong with our boys? What is the problem with the young men in our community? What happen to these boys?Over the last few days especially, these are questions that have been raised on the radio and televis

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'Pies For A Pie' to assist women and girls in need

Bahamian author Ghandi Thompson is on a mission to raise $10,000 for two people who are struggling to cover the costs associated with treatments of life-threatening medical conditions.Ms Thompson has always enjoyed helping those in need, and with the

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Sleep deprivation may lead to brain 'eating itself'

Sleeping replenishes our energy levels, but it goes far beyond that. Our brains change states when we sleep, clearing away toxic byproducts of neural activity left over from the day.But in brains that are chronically sleep deprived, the ‘cleansing’ p

What we thought we knew about sleep is dead wrong

Counting sheep may not be the sleep aid we’ve been led to believe it is. We’ve heard the stories that eating cheese late at night gives us nightmares, and that counting sheep helps us get to the land of nod.

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Jemi promotes safe and healthy living

To help Bahamians lead better, healthier lives, the team at Jemi Health and Wellness is hosting a number of community programmes and events, particularly for the summer season and with a special focus on women’s self-defence.

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Eleuthera gets serious about battling cancer

Following the success of the 16th annual Cancer Society of the Bahamas ball here in Nassau last weekend, the Society’s Eleuthera branch is now doing its share to raise awareness and educate their populace about the life-threatening disease.

Bahamian official applauds approach to treatment of drug use

WASHINGTON, DC – The Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission’s decision to take a public health approach to the treatment of drug use and related disorders is one that should be embraced, said Rochelle Basden, deputy director of Psychological Services at Sandilands Rehabilitation as she addressed delegates attending the Third Plenary Session of the 61st CICAD Regular Session last month at the OAS Headquarters in the US capital.

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Painting the butterfly

Big Picture Studio and Lupus 242 team up to raise awareness

Last Friday, the team at Big Picture Paint and Sip Studio at Sandyport partnered with the Lupus 242 support group in an effort to spread awareness of the chronic autoimmune disease in a fun and artsy way.

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Poor sleep may lead to obesity and diabetes

I recently wrote about improving sleep for people with diabetes and other medical conditions. But what about preventing some of those conditions in the first place?

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Spectacular winnings at the Atlantic Medical Fun Run/Walk

Over the past several years, Atlantic Medical Insurance has hosted one of the most popular fun run/walks in the country. The main objective of the event is to achieve “top of mind” awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles, the company said.

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Deep cleanings

A deep cleaning is a procedure done by your dentist or hygienist to treat gum and periodontal disease. It is very different from a regular cleaning. Your regular dental cleaning focuses on the surfaces of the teeth above the gum line (supragingival), while a deep cleaning will cleanse the areas beneath the gum line (subgingival).

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Are you allergic to your bedroom?

If you find yourself waking up with a stuffy nose, irritated eyes or unexplained sneezing, you may wonder what’s making you feel sick.