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Creating that classic physique

With the new year upon us, we find ourselves filled with New Year’s resolutions and goals. For some of us, the goals may be personal or business related, and some may be fitness related. 

Bad breath solutions

Bad breath is an embarrassing problem. Most people who have it are usually unaware of it.

Act quickly, restore your teeth!

One of the most common health problems children, teens and adults suffer from is cavities (dental caries). A cavity develops when your tooth begins to decay.

Bahamas has ‘highest overweight rate’ in the Caribbean and Latin American

A new report has ranked the Bahamas as the country with the highest percentage of overweight people in Latin American and the Caribbean.

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Getting fit to the beat

For the third consecutive year, the Caribbean Sweat Fitness (CSF) team will host its highly anticipated Fitness Concert at Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace.

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Deepak Chopra shares six pillars to well-being

Physician, noted author and public speaker Dr Deepak Chopra prescribed a few simple remedies this past weekend to reduce the amount of chronic illnesses that plague the Bahamas during Atlantic Medical Insurance’s wellness symposium, “A Morning with Deepak Chopra.”

Improving your dental health in 2017

Almost everyone you talk to is seeking to improve their health these days. Bahamians are reading health articles, searching the internet, and best of all, seeing healthcare professionals – all in an effort to stay on top of things.

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Bahamian mother partners with global initiative to improve local healthcare

The desire to seek more advanced care for her sick child has led one Bahamian mother to pursue improvement in all aspects of the local healthcare system.

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Young Marine Explorers examine health of the environment following Hurricane Matthew

AN international grant awarded to the Young Marine Explorers (YME) will help the organisation expand its reach through a study that aims to explore the damage dealt to marine life and resources after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. 

New year, healthier mouth

Make 2017 the year to improve your dental health!

Health Professions Council brings the year to a close

The appointed members of the Health Professions Council (HPC) brought their working year to a celebratory close with their final meeting followed by dinner at Sapodilla Restaurant.

This grain salad might be the key to healthier eating in 2017

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you might tend to needlessly overcomplicate your life.

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Mothers celebrate breastfeeding

The Bahamas National Breastfeeding Association closed out its year of activities with a Breastfeeding and Parent Craft graduation ceremony, where mothers were honoured for completing weeks of training to help them become better parents.  

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Fitness Connection gives back to the elderly

The residents of Unity House on East Street received a pleasant surprise this festive season as members of the non-profit group Fitness Connection stopped by to hand out groceries and spend time with the elderly at the retirement home.

Dentistry in a stronger Bahamas

As the year 2016 comes to a close it is my hope that our country and its people make plans for a healthy 2017.