Revive us again! Cursillo celebrates 30 years in The Bahamas -

Cursillo (the name means “a short course”) is a method of revival of the church. It has come to us from the Spanish Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of the Cursillo Ministry is to convert Christians to a deeper relationship with God and to help the

A bountiful harvest

I am a gardener and enjoy reaping from my own limited efforts. This is a wonderful time of the year. Pots, plots, fields, whatever is helpful according to your time and budget. The Promised Land is described in this way: “Observe the commands of the

Get into the Ark!

The judgement is coming and it is rapidly approaching. The second advent of Jesus Christ is almost here, and boy, I can’t wait. Hey, nothing wrong with salivating over such a glorious, magnificent event that is about to occur.Most devout believers wo

A joyful celebration of unsung heroes

The Joy International charitable organisation is hosting its third annual empowerment conference at which community leaders who have made outstanding contributions to society will be honoured.The special empowerment service will take place tomorrow n

Ebenezer honours long-time member

Rev Stephen Smith, Sister Krivoy Smith and the Ebenezer Union Baptist Church Exuma family recently honoured Nehmiah Rolle, who has faithfully served the church for four decades.Mr Rolle was recognised during the church’s 126th anniversary service.Dur

Cheated by the devil’s subtle lies and darkness

The Bible is very straightforward and conspicuously coherent in admonishing the Believer adamantly in staying away from pagan practices.

When God’s your editor you finish the work

HOW pastor Deneace Lloyd was able to recover from past failures, bad choices and rejection are all detailed in her new book set for release next week.

Creating a Masterpiece

Some people have innate creative gifts. They are born with the ability to make beautiful things with their hands, and need only be provided with objects and opportunity in order to reveal what is already inside.

Can we please finally cut off these colonial shackles?

I couldn’t believe my ears, listening to a live call in show on ZNS 1, Monday, October 29.

"The Hands of God that Keep"

IT would have been much easier for Veronica Smith Jarrett to cave in, quit and bury her faith in God. After all, she’d already encountered grave misfortunes - being hit by a truck at age 12, suffering a brain tumour as a result of the accident, overc

Believe God, not the excuses

Quitting, giving up, failing, judging – all these begin with an excuse. Never allow your life to become an alibi – which is simply egotism turned the wrong side out.You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whateve

Sunday Service, Lost Keys and the Blame Game

Sunday service is usually my weekend’s highlight. I’m prepped for “Warfare, Worship and a Word” that I can meditate on for the coming week. This Sunday, the stage was set – prayers had been prayed, songs had been sung and the Man of God was just as a

Harvesting Happiness

At this time of the year, we think of harvest and all the good things provided by a good and gracious God. What brings you a harvest of happiness? Let us consider our personal happiness, though our answers may vary:1. Memorable family moments, usuall

Time to get back to our grassroots

I want to adamantly appeal to our young people here within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. I am very much concerned with the state of the nation, and I am disconcerted with the behaviour of our young people. This subject in my opinion is axiomatic a

Helping women find the strength to stand again

UNDER THE theme “The Strength To Stand Again,” members of the Faith Way Christian Ministries will host its 2018 Women’s Gathering next Friday, October 26.The event will take place at the Malcom Building, East Bay Street and Victoria Avenue, starting