Bringing Broadway to a glorious Christmas celebration

Under the theme “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”, members of the St Matthew’s Anglican Sunrise Choir and Friends are gearing up to host their popular annual Christmas production.

A new chapter for Archdeacon James Palacious

THIS Friday, November 30, a service of thanksgiving will be held at the Parish Church of Christ the King Ridgeland Park West to mark the official retirement from the sacred priesthood by James E Palacious, Archdeacon in the Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Calvary finishes the year strong with sixth pastoral anniversary

THE leadership, members and partners of Calvary Deliverance Church East Street South have come to a very special time of the year. This Sunday, they will celebrate and extend their love and thanks to Senior Pastor Bishop James Newry and Elder Queenie Newry on the occasion their sixth pastoral anniversary.

The time is now

1. The now is here

Religious happenings

The Assemblies of Brethren in the Bahamas, along with family and some friends, will be hosting a concert to benefit the Cat Island Children’s Home this Sunday at the East Street Gospel Chapel that will feature the Region Bells singing groups.

Flip my flops –Judge or be’s all good!

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but: I believe we do ourselves a disservice when we give ourselves a break each time we slip up.

Don’t let the donkey speak!

You might be asking what in tarnation I’m talking about, don’t let the donkey speak?

St George’s ACM celebrate anniversary weekend

On Saturday, November 17, the Anglican Church Men branch of St George Anglican Church hosted its annual Man and Boys Conference under the theme “Calling Men and Boys to be Intentional Disciples”.

Summit to empower Christian leaders in ‘five-fold ministry’

MINISTRY leaders are invited to the Kingdom Invasion National Assignment Summit (KINAS) designed to equip them in their spiritual walk so that they can effectively impact the kingdom of God.

Bahamian pastor makes history

Bahamian Dr Leonard Johnson has been appointed the new executive secretary of the InterAmerican Division of Seventh-Day Adventist Church.He was installed in a ceremony held November 10 in Haiti, as the first pastor from an English-speaking territory

Bahamians, give thanks!

Someone asked the question, “If you are doing something, shouldn’t you know what you are doing?” Come on, we are all rational people, therefore the answer can only be in the affirmative. Tragically though, this does not always play itself out logical

'Call me Habakkuk!'

I love the 12 minor prophets that mentioned within the Holy Scriptures, with their strong, poignant messages that are still relevant for all today. Men like Hosea, Joel, Jonah and a plethora of others that wrote under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

- Religious happenings around town -

• Second Annual Feast DayOur Lady of the Holy Souls Roman Catholic Church will commemorate its second annual Feast Day celebrations on Sunday. During this occasion, the members will also mark the church’s 92nd anniversary. Through its spiritual and o

Agents of change

First we pray, next we share, and then we act to make change visible. If you are interested you may decide to follow suit:1. Brainstorm together with people who have a heart for change2. Decide on some areas that are in dire need of elimination, redu

Bahamas 4 Jesus preaches to the troubled

The Bahamas 4 Jesus movement has gotten underway in Nassau with Jesus’ teachings being brought to the most troubled in communities around Nassau.This week, several pastors from the United States shared the word of God, with the expectation that lives