A groundbreaking achievement

New Bethany seeks to battle anti-social behaviour in Englerston

Members of the Righteous Revolution Youth Ministry of the New Bethany Baptist Cathedral are proud to have recently broken ground on a new community park on Key West Street.

Rivers of Living Waters revival promises to be 'life-changing'

Under the theme “Crossing Over”, the members of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries International will host the church’s 2018 revival this week.The event will take place at Rivers of Living Waters on Soldier Road, beginning tonight at 7.30pm and conti

Sounding the spiritual battle cry

BELIEVERS from all throughout the Bahama Islands came together last Friday at the Gathering of Prophets Conference to pray for the nation.Change Bahamas Ministries, founded by Prophet Leo Adderley, hosted the conference under the theme “Waging War Fo

Setting young hearts ablaze for Christ

Christ the King Anglican Church hopes to inspire a nurturing love of God and people “that burns like fire” during tomorrow night’s youth conference.The event is being presented by the church’s youth arm and will be held at the Murillo A Bonaby Parish

Cursillo executives receive leadership training

In order to enlighten members of the Cursillo Secretariat on the function and responsibility of each elected position, the first order of business was the training of all officers.On Saturday, January 6, a training workshop was conducted at the Angl

The sting of death

In memory of my beloved brother-in-law Andrew Melvin Newton, of Nassau, Bahamas, who transitioned to heaven on November 1, 2017. Dedicated to his wife Shena Newton and sister Theodora (Dora) Newton. What makes the sting of death so painful is that ea

Word of Life puts the focus on New Year's goals

“Focus” was not only the theme, but also the mission statement of the Word of Life Kingdom Ministries’ first conference to encourage its members to achieve both their worldly and spiritual goals in 2018.Word of Life’s pastor, Rickeno R Moncur, invite

Cursillo - How does it work?

Cursillo has been aptly described as the “best method of Evangelism that I have seen” by Rosemae Thompson, a long-serving member of the Cursillo movement in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.And she says this not because of the exciting a

Things to stop doing in 2018 and beyond

1. Stop spending time with the wrong peopleLife is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot. Never, ever throw yoursel

Meditation - A time for us

During this time when we reflect on the holy family and the showing forth of God’s plan of salvation to the magi, we cannot help but pause and ponder the message that is intended for us as individuals and as a people. What are the changes that we may

Thanksgiving stones laid at Mt Olivet

THE first placement of memorial and thanksgiving stones for the Anglican Prayer Grotto at the Mount Olivet Retreat took place during a special dedication and blessing ceremony held last Saturday.The dedication of the prayer grotto was conducted by An

The facts about Cursillo

Cursillo is the original three-day movement, and has since been licenced for use by several mainline Christian denominations, some of which have retained the trademarked Cursillo name, while others have modified its talks/methods and given it a diffe

Could God use you in Internet evangelism?

Could God use you to reach people for Christ via the internet? The answer may surprise you!“How could I ever use the Internet to reach people for Christ?” you might wonder. “I’m no techie. I know how to send e-mail and read the news online, but that

Meditation: Finding joy in spite of pain

The delight of Christmas and the promise of a new year often intensifies the pain of those who are feeling sorrow or pain. There are some among us who do not feel like celebrating. Recent bereavement, broken relationships, sickness and financial dist

Mount Tabor gets a 'Jump-Start' into 2018

UNDER the theme “Living Healthy Lives”, Bishop Neil C Ellis along with members of the Mount Tabor Church hosted its annual “Jump-Start” service this week.Kicking off on Monday and concluding on Tuesday evening, the service encouraged all in attendanc