Taking Advent Action

While we wait for Christmas, we are called not to be passive but very active. Now active does not mean busy, in the sense of rushing or overworked; rather it is being preoccupied with things that are of eternal significance. Here are some activities to engage in before Christmas:

Turning everything upside down

“Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the angel has told us about.” - Luke 2:15

Only a messenger, but somebody has to make the runs

Imagine that Angel Gabriel, whose name means “God has showed Himself strong”, while on his second visit from heaven to planet Earth, as a messenger from God, as recorded in Luke’s gospel - is in deep thought: “I can’t understand my boss, sometimes. It was only six months ago that I paid my last official visit to this same part of planet Earth, as an ambassador of the Lord God Almighty!

A star to follow a king to worship

Dr Colin Archer, that erudite scholar of the Methodist Community has often voiced that universal truth that mankind by nature, is primarily spiritual trying to live out that built in spirituality in human form.

The True Gift of Christmas

IN A drama, song, and dance event themed “The True Gift of Christmas” - the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) will present its highly anticipated Christmas production on Sunday.

A season to rebuild

My Brothers and Sisters, We are numbered among the blessed to be able to experience another Christmas season, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Occupy ends year stronger than ever

THE OCCUPY Mentorship Programme founded by Gospel artist Ricardo Clarke hosted its final 2019 event this past week.

Power to stand = power to stay

Perhaps looking at some of the things we have all had to endure, or even face right now, is painful. I know there are some experiences we prefer never happened.

Prayer Walk

At the Anglican Retreat Centre, Mt Olivet, there are 14 crosses in the prayer grotto. Each one has a word carved on it to assist with the prayer walk. It is a wonderful place to visit but until you do, allow the following questions to will help you to meditate more intentionally during Advent:

Christmas in da ghetto returns to audiences

Christmas comes once a year and at Believers Faith Christian Academy it is a time for sharing and caring. In celebration of the birth of Jesus, they have taken time out to bring joy and laughter to the lives of the people that they see and love every day.

Taking her message to the movie screen

FOR some time now, Samita Ferguson, a woman who wears numerous hats as a mother, business woman and founder of C.H.A.M.P.S, has been digging deeper into her creative side.

Baptised at sea

Rev Stephen Smith and the Ebenezer church family rejoiced for the six young people who were recently baptised.

Crushing – a pearl of great price

Somehow reading TD Jakes’ “Crushing” has me waxing retrospective. No small feat, I’ve taken a mental step back into times I’d prefer to forget. My assignment – rehash the pain of each experience, and intentionally try to see the good in it all. My final ideals, simple and universal:

Bringing The Bahamas Back To God

BRINGING The Bahamas ‘Back To God Global Prayer, Prophecy Deliverance and Revival - spearheaded by Mattie Nottage Ministries - was much more than a themed conference, it was a “life-changing” experience for many.

That First Christmas Night

UNDER THE theme “That First Christmas Night,” the ladies ministry of the Mt Moriah Baptist Church, Farrington Road, will host its fifth annual candlelight service this coming Sunday.