A ‘gang’ for Christ

Faced with the fact that so many of the nation’s youth are seeking acceptance through affiliation with dangerous gangs, a new music group has decided to show young Bahamian men and women that the sense of belonging they seek can be found in a community bound together in love for God.

Conference to encourage women to embrace God

Under the theme “Prevailing Women of Substance”, members of the New Bethlehem Baptist Church will host their annual “Daughters Desperate For His Glory” conference March 9 - 12.

Emmanuel Church celebrates revival

THE Emmanuel Church Healing and Deliverance Centre continues with its revival and crusade tonight. 

Sermon of the Week: Living out of the groove

I AM not the best bowler, but have had occasions when I was pretty successful.

Lent is coming – Part I

THE Church in its wisdom has divided the year into seasons so that we can have concentrated reflections on important redemptive aspects of our Christian journey.

MEDITATION: Endangered species

WHEN we think of our beautiful country with its turquoise waters, we should immediately think of preservation and conservation in the midst of economic expansion and development. We have many visitors to our shores and they need to be properly instructed, as we should have been from birth, to protect that which has been entrusted to us by God.

Exuma Girl Guides come together for worship

The Exuma District of the Bahamas Girl Guide Association recently celebrated Guide Week at the Palestine Union Baptist Church on the island. 

Catholic school promotes love

Sts Francis and Joseph Catholic Primary School joined a national campaign last September to promote caring, love and honesty in students.

Be encouraged

THE new year has begun and we are already into the second month. It is important that we stay focused on God.


I. Words of love Think of the nicest words that anyone has ever spoken to you. What was the situation or circumstance and who spoke these words to you? How did it feel and why has it remained with you?

The silly season is upon us

THERE is no denying we are in “the silly season”. Any object that can be used as missile will be hurled into flight, for one reason and one reason alone: to hurt and thus score political brownie points.

Christian author seeks life and death answers

As a grief counsellor, people look to Dr Clifford Smith III to help them answer the questions surrounding the death of a loved one.

MEDITATION: Proclamation, presentation, purification

A few days ago we had a triple-header when it came to reflecting on the people and practices found in Holy Scripture. The facts of history are also the current events of our faith lives and there is a powerful interweaving of the characters of Salvation history both past and present. 

Understanding the importance of our dreams

OUR dreams are our spiritual monitors, revealing to us excerpts of what’s pending for our lives in the spirit realm.

Vacuum in leadership

AT the 114th session of Synod of the Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands held this week in Nassau, Bishop Laish Boyd lamented the way the 50th anniversary of Majority Rule was celebrated. I join in this lament. I advance that it could have been solved if the Church had only provided leadership.