The journey to sexual purity

A CHRISTIAN trying to live a life of sexual purity may find it challenging to do so in today’s world, as sexual images and innuendos are to be found all around us – in television, music, ads and social media. 

Good works in Crooked Island

AS IT is imperative to demonstrate the love for God in tangible ways, members of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church recently organised a mission trip to Crooked Island where they assisted with the reconstruction of St Paul’s Baptist Church in Cabbage Hill.

Sparking change in youth 

AN outreach ministry is hoping its efforts to disciple children sparks a love within them that impacts every aspect of their lives.

MEDITATION: Learning from the Apostle Paul

THROUGH Paul’s obedience we have these wonderful words of the collect or prayer for the Conversion of St Paul (January 25): “O God, by the preaching of your apostle Paul you have caused the light of the Gospel to shine throughout the whole world: Grant, we pray, that we, having his wonderful conversion in remembrance, may show ourselves thankful to you by following his holy teaching.”

Book review: Dr Leslie Minus offers exciting, refreshing reflection on the life of Jacob

IS it correct to suggest that Jacob stole the birthright of Esau? Was the place of the burial of Rachel the same as the birth of Christ? If so, what was its original name? What is the prophetic connection between the reconciliation of Esau and Jacob…and 9/11? Is prosperity always the result of divine blessing?

Effective Christianity

“What is the church doing” is a never-ending cry in our cultural experience.

Exuma’s police pledge themselves to God

Under the theme “Service To Country Above Self,” Exuma’s Royal Bahamas Police Force was recently honoured in a worship service at the Palestine Union Baptist Church in The Forest, Exuma.

Uplifting the youth one mentorship at a time

The need for mentorship programmes and community outreach within the school system is at the forefront of the minds of many community-oriented Bahamians, even more so given the recent unfortunate events of school stabbings and altercations.

Religious events

St Paul’s Baptist Church in its 146th year of existence will host an ordination service for five of its members.

MEDITATION: One thing I want

IF you could have one thing for sure this year, what would you want?

I am grateful!

IT is a good thing to be alive on this new day in this new year. It is with great excitement I say to you, “Happy New Year!” May God bless you with His choice blessings in the coming year.

Ebenezer hosts second annual Business Day in Exuma

REV Stephen Smith and the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Exuma opened its doors last Sunday morning to welcome employers, employees and other business people from the Farmer’s Hill community to a special service.

The journey continues

THE National Heroes Committee was launched in 1991 to primarily rescue our first Bahamian Governor General Sir Milo B. Butler from the graveyard of obscurity.

Genesis salutes Nora Dorsett for her life of Christian service

Last Sunday, hundreds gathered at the Christian Life Centre to say their final farewells and express thanks to God for Nora Dorsett, described by all who knew her as a true example of Christian character and service.

Mother-of-six turns struggle into hopeful endeavour

First-time author Shanna McKinzie said she excited to share with Bahamians, but especially women, the story of how God put her back on the right track in life.