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Govt health reforms target $62m savings

The government yesterday said it was targeting $62m in savings over a five-year period by permitting the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme to lead the primary healthcare system’s transformation.K Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister, in unveil

Fishermen: We wanted vehicle duty reductions

Commercial fishermen yesterday said they would have welcomed a reduction in import tariffs on vehicles used to transport their catch rather than tax breaks on equipment already duty-free. Adrian LaRoda, the Bahamas Commercial Fishers Alliance’s pres

Retail optimism on Back to School VAT 'holiday'

Bahamian retailers yesterday voiced optimism that the government’s declaration of a two-week back-to-school VAT “holiday” will boost sales and spending by hard-pressed Bahamian consumers. John Cathopoulis, general manager of John’s Shoes Store, told

Be 'cold' over $100m SOE subsidy slashes

The government was yesterday urged to make “cold” decisions on whether to retain loss-making state-owned enterprises (SOEs) after it unveiled plans to slash their annual subsidies by $100m within four years. Gowon Bowe, a former Chamber of Commerce

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Financial provider urges Bahamians: Don't panic

A Bahamian financial services provider yesterday urged citizens and investors to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic for opportunities rather than simply panic. Sean Longley, pictured , Leno’s founder and president, said: “We read the headlines daily. We

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'Three weeks from oil drilling.. then COVID'

A Bahamas-based oil explorer yesterday revealed it was “within three weeks” of drilling its first well until COVID-19 intervened as it unveiled a revised timetable taking its operations into the 2021 first quarter. Simon Potter, Bahamas Petroleum Co

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Bahamas targets January 1 launch for overflight fees

The Bahamas is aiming to levy fees on aircraft flying through Bahamian airspace by January 1, 2021, a Cabinet minister revealed yesterday, adding: “We think we’re close to a solution.”

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Major events planner in NIB payout fears

A major Bahamian events planner yesterday voiced concern about the “horrible situation” facing its staff and other workers due to delays in National Insurance Board (NIB) benefit payouts.

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Govt plans civil service 'freeze'

The government is planning to freeze all civil service hirings, promotions and salary increases in a bid to limit the size of a potentially massive 2020-2021 fiscal deficit, it was revealed last night.Kimsley Ferguson, the Bahamas Public Service Unio

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Budget must have private sector's back

The government is being urged to “drive confidence” by using today’s 2020-2021 budget to show the private sector it will do whatever it takes to “undergird the economy” and prevent its collapse. Jeffrey Beckles, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and E

Agriculture eyes technology to reverse import increases

The Ministry of Agriculture is aiming to boost vegetable production through the use of hydroponic technology in a bid to reverse double-digit import increases, its top economist said yesterday. Brickell Pinder, addressing the Rethinking Food Securit

Cruise line pushes back Nassau, Freeport return

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line yesterday warned passengers its “onboard experience may look a little different” after it announced a further delay in resuming voyages to this nation. The Palm Beach-based operator said the Grand Celebration will restar

Minister: 50% jobless rate hit to work permits

A Cabinet minister yesterday warned some existing work permits are unlikely to be renewed as The Bahamas grapples with a 50 percent unemployment rate post-COVID-19. Elsworth Johnson, minister of financial services, trade and industry and immigration

Fishermen oppose forced sales to local wholesalers

Bahamian fishermen are opposed to COVID-19 restrictions that force them to sell their product to wholesalers at prices that make it difficult to gain a proper return, an industry representative said yesterday. Adrian LaRoda, the Bahamas Commercial F