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INSIGHT: Abandoning tourism is a fool’s errand - we just need to reimagine it

AMID the seismic shift taking place in the lives of many Bahamians, there is one question most of us are asking - how long can we endure this?

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INSIGHT: When the doors were ordered closed, a new world opened up for students and teachers

When Tambearly International School implemented Google for Education tools into subject area curriculum grades seven through 12 in 2017, we had no idea how valuable it would prove to be.

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INSIGHT: Selfishly dicing with death - it’s that simple

COVID-19, or what some health experts and those on the frontline have begun referring to as “the beast”, has infected over a million people worldwide and taken the lives of nearly 70,000 people – a 100 percent increase in just a week. Of those dead, some of our brothers and sisters were also taken from us in another week highlighting a disregard by some of the guidelines put in place by the government to save our lives.

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WORLD VIEW: CARICOM should help but Guyana must save itself

THE image and standing of Guyana are being tarnished throughout the world. Yet, a small window of opportunity remains open for the country to be regarded as democratic and for its government to be hailed as legitimate.

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INSIGHT: This is only the start - for God’s sake do as you’re told and stay indoors

SINCE the country’s first case of Covid-19 was announced, while the government has done its part in implementing strict legislation to regulate the movement of people, the same can’t be said for many Bahamian citizens. It would seem as though our reaction to impending hurricanes – stocking up on everything we think we need - has given us a similar reflex response to Covid-19, which is a completely different animal.

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INSIGHT: A delicate balance of minimising deaths without putting the whole country at risk

THE world, including The Bahamas, has been plunged into a state of fear, insecurity and uncertainty by the coronavirus epidemic. We congratulate our Prime Minister for taking the bold stand of setting up a curfew and restriction of movement in response to this national challenge. A leader must be informed, willing to take risks and, above all, able to exude calm. The Prime Minister fulfilled these three characteristics.

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WORLD VIEW: Today’s OAS - run by a few for a few

ON March 20 a reckless and irresponsible General Assembly (GA) was held by the Organization of American States (OAS), putting the health of many at risk and giving an entirely wrong example to the entire world.

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INSIGHT: With an economy on its knees, straight-shooter Sol arrived with a dream

Ex Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on Sol Kerzner’s contribution to The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: Kerzner's rule was always to 'blow away the customer'

Sol Kerzner can be deemed one of the world’s most advanced and inventive hoteliers. He was the founder of the Southern Sun hotel group, Sun International and Kerzner International, all very successful in the establishment of mega resorts.

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INSIGHT: Pray our government is getting this right because the alternative is terrifying

IF there is anything valuable we’ve learned since COVID-19 launched its deadly onslaught on at least 186 countries, amassing more than 276,000 cases and causing over 11,000 deaths, it is that timing is everything. The Bahamas has been blessed with the good fortune of witnessing the mistakes made by other countries and is acting at what may prove to be the optimal time.

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INSIGHT: Don’t panic - it’s time to think of others, not just ourselves

AS the nation has watched the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, go from a “foreign virus” that spread through Wuhan, China, with epic speed, inch closer and closer to our shores, it has been unsettling to see it reach 118 countries to date. No doubt, any nation still reeling from the disastrous impact of Hurricane Dorian would have citizens gripped by fear.

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WORLD VIEW: Financial measures necessary to ride out this crisis

REGARDLESS of the number of coronavirus cases (COVID-19) that occur in the Caribbean, the economies of each of them, particularly those dependent on tourism, will suffer in the immediate to medium term.

INSIGHT: Stepping in the right direction but challenge is immense

FORMER United Nations President Maria Espinosa has said The Bahamas is on the right track when it comes to the collective global war on climate change.

INSIGHT: When will we wake up and break this vicious cycle that haunts Bahamian women?

SOMEONE once said that being a Bahamian woman was a most difficult thing.

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INSIGHT: A haunting story of 39 lost souls

The Bahamas and Haiti have a complicated relationship that spans the scope of centuries.