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INSIGHT: The truth about shanty towns - part 1

To many Bahamians, the informal communities that exist on New Providence and Abaco and some of the larger Family Islands are evidence of an invasion; signs of a hostile takeover or aggressive plague that must be eradicated by any means necessary. Meanwhile, the people who live in these communities are spoken of as if they are hostile aliens, dangerous social contaminants, hardened criminals who should be shown no mercy.

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WORLD VIEW: External interference in Caribbean elections is real

BEFORE getting into the thrust of the serious and threatening matter that lies at the heart of this commentary, I declare that I was an integral part of the management of the campaign of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) for the March 21 General Election, and I managed its communications campaign.

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INSIGHT: Why the cherry switch is a lot scarier than the tamarind switch

In the recent heated and vituperative public reactions to my Human Rights advocacy against the continued victimisation and abuse visited by the Government of The Bahamas upon our Haitian ethnic minority - and the vocal threats on my safety and life - I was moved to react to a particularly savage attack upon me in a voice note circulating widely on social media by a Mr Bannister, a self-proclaimed “True Born and Bred Bahamian”.

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INSIGHT: Navigating the steep learning curve of leadership

AS we rapidly approach a year of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis being the nation’s leader, the landmark only a little more than a month away, we have seen a plethora of moments that made us want to cover our eyes in fear of what he would say next. However, this past week, while he should have still been feeling the bumps and bruises of the beating he took in the media for his egregious missteps on the Oban Energies deal, he is receiving something that has been largely unfamiliar thus far as prime minister – praise.

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GAIN AN EDGE: The perfect career is within your reach

You have big dreams – that’s why you’ve been thinking about college. You’ve discovered a secret that many don’t know. You’ve discovered graduating from college is key to unlocking career doors in this rapidly changing world.

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INSIGHT: Don’t fool yourselves - we can see through the smokescreen

THE Bahamian political playbook must have tattered dog-ears on pages revisited by politicians old and new – “when in doubt, distract the Bahamian people with something the previous government did!” Its predictability and overuse has become so exhausting in our culture.

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INSIGHT: Oban's another bitter pill for us all to swallow

The rapid fall from grace of this FNM government is becoming painful to watch.

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WORLD VIEW – The OECD: A robust response required

SMALL states, including those in the Caribbean, are justifiably troubled by the continuous efforts by the member states of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to cripple every initiative they take in the financial services sector.

How you can play a part in helping to fight crime

Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility, not just law enforcement. One of the best ways to take an active part in crime prevention is to become more alert and aware of what is going on around you.

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INSIGHT: Oban could make billions. We don't event get a few cents on the barrel.

Not what we hoped for - yet again, Dr Minnis

ANY number of pronouncements made by the prime minister can be pointed to when trying to assess what has caused the rapid deterioration of the goodwill he’s had with the Bahamian public. Whether we look at the use of superfluous campaign rhetoric that has come back to haunt him, or careless use of speech on a few too many occasions when we needed to hear from a coherent and composed leader.

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INSIGHT: Why ‘Get papers or get out’ is pure political nonsense

The policy of ordering irregular migrants to either “get papers or get out” is a glaring example of utter political nonsense. There can be no other term for it. This harebrained dictat is not only illegal; it is also completely irrational, totally hypocritical and fundamentally flawed in just about every way.

POLICE ADVICE: Pedestrian and driver Safety Tips

WALKING is a healthy activity, but you need to know the rules of pedestrian safety. Especially if you are walking in an area where there aren’t sidewalks or paths separate from the road. To stay safe walking, follow these rules.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Securing the skills the global economy wants

As economies grow, countries are forced to change and make adjustments to national plans in order to benefit from this growth.

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BUSINESS BITES: Well, that’s all clear then. I don’t think so.

So now we have the 41-page Heads of Agreement that presumably any citizen may read, as I have done. It is signed for Oban Energies LLC not by Peter Krieger, the corpulent gentleman who featured in press photos with Prime Minister Minnis both putting pens on something — what? But Mr Krieger we were told is only the non-executive chairman, or “ambassador” for Oban. The actual document bears the signature of Oban’s unseen President, Satpal Dhunna.

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INSIGHT: Dealing with the devil

LOCAL media exploded last week upon the startling revelations surrounding Oban Energies’ non-executive chairman, Peter Krieger. The government’s initial announcement of a $5.5bn oil refinery project in Grand Bahama initially seemed like a proactive step towards getting Bahamians back to work. However, as last week unfolded, the citizenry has become widely sceptical and Prime Minister Minnis, who seems to can’t win for losing and is yet again looking as though he is out of his depth.