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INSIGHT: No one should go to prison for smoking a joint

No one should go to prison for smoking a joint. No life should be ruined over a small amount of weed.

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WORLD VIEW: Cooperation, coercion and capitulation

ON March 12, the Council of the 28-nations European Union (EU) placed 15 small territories on a list of what it calls “non-cooperative jurisdictions”. What the EC considers these territories to be “non-cooperative” about reveals the raw exercise of power by the strong over the weak.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Born to unlock the world of literacy for everyone

Having strong literacy skills are important if people want to pursue higher education and advance in their careers, according to reading specialist and Dean of Social and Educational Studies at the University of The Bahamas (UB), Dr Ruth Sumner.

POLICE ADVICE: Simple rules to keep your child safe

Child safety is a crucial part of their development and growth.

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INSIGHT: We need a greater sense of urgency in ensuring protection of our children

IN September 2011, 11-year-old Marco Archer left his home to go to the store, never to return to the loving arms of his mother. We all know how tragically this story ended for this family.

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Crime Stoppers' app helping to keep our youngsters safe

THE recent spate of abductions of children in New Providence has led to public outcry for improvements in alerting the public to safety threats – but one group has already taken steps to do just that and is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information in the latest incidents.

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INSIGHT: Why the Trump-Cohen drama can serve as a cautionary tale for us all

TESTIMONY given by Michael Cohen - former attorney of US President Donald Trump – took over American media last. With impeachment becoming a possibility, yet still a rarity in American politics, many are on the edge of their seat.

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INSIGHT: 0.00000717% – That’s the chance of a tourist being a victim of crime here

Every year we have a circular discussion about the Travel Advisory issued by the US. State Department. It usually comes out in January, but because of the shutdown, it was just released. It is time we get off this hamster wheel once and for all.

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WORLD VIEW: If Venezuela needs aid then why not deliver it through the UN?

THE United States of America, Canada and the English-speaking countries of the Caribbean together share the deeply-held values of democracy and human rights more than the majority of other countries in the Western hemisphere.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Lynette’s making her mark in among the men

Being a woman in a technical class traditionally dominated by men is not easy. Lynette Albury knows that all too well.

POLICE ADVICE: Don’t be afraid - education about drugs must start in the home

Peer pressure to experiment with drugs starts as early as the fourth grade.

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INSIGHT: Hands off our judiciary, Mr Davis

ON the heels of the Frank Smith acquittal, the Progressive Liberal Party has green lit its campaign for election in 2022. Although dwarfed in numbers in Parliament, the “fiery four” have certainly not been afraid to cause a spectacle with their latest boycott of the House of Assembly.

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INSIGHT: Smart move to cash in and settle with the numbers boys

AFTER the controversial decision by the government to introduce a sliding scale tax structure on the local gaming industry, people were split with some supporting the government and others lamenting local businessmen. Disdain for the gaming industry stems from a number of places. On one hand, many felt it was not in line with our standing as a “Christian nation”. Others feel the vice causes family issues and is a drain on society.

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INSIGHT: A win-win which we should not be afraid to support

Carnival’s Grand Port project is shaping up as an ideal model for how development should occur in The Bahamas.

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WORLD VIEW: It’s simple - elected officials cannot serve two masters

THE law is the law and it is binding on all who dwell or visit within its jurisdiction. The law is particularly binding on those who make the law. As I observed in a previous commentary, “Law makers should not be law breakers”.