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INSIGHT: Minnis must resist this hostile foreign takeover

The attempted forcible buy-out of Grand Bahama Power Company by a 100 percent foreign-owned entity is nothing less than an aggressive hostile takeover which is clearly not in the best interest of The Bahamas.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Chasing the dream of college studies

For more than a decade, it has been estimated less than 50 percent of public school students graduate from high school. Research also shows public school students whose parents did not attend college are directly enrolling in post-secondary education at a much lower rate than their peers.

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INSIGHT: A new perspective you say?

WITH PLPs across the spectrum of the archipelago gearing up for its convention, which begins today, the rhetoric coming out of the party suggest there is a “new perspective” emanating from the party. Much of this is what is being purported by the youth movement in the PLP with the hopes that it would resonate with millennials who were mostly responsible for the Progressive Liberal Party’s resounding rejection on May 10.

INSIGHT: Activists and pundits have their say on the PLP

TEN rights activist groups have denounced reports of trash talk against Progressive Liberal Party leadership candidate and Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin.

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INSIGHT: Embracing the benefits of the ‘blue economy’

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Renward Wells is keenly watching current economic trends and the emergence of the “blue economy”, which he believes has the ability to decrease the national deficit and increase revenue to The Bahamas. The country, he says, with its vast natural aquatic resources, is poised to benefit from the focus the world is currently placing on the ocean as new ways are explored to sustain the earth’s population.

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INSIGHT: ‘The oldest trick in the political playbook’ - residents of the Mud and Pigeon Peas speak out

AS A war of words erupts between human rights activists and the government about the impact and intent of its new immigration ultimatum, it’s business as usual for residents in one of the country’s oldest and largest shanty town settlements.

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INSIGHT: Rise up against this licence to spy

When the PLP was obliged to back down from an earlier version of the ‘Spy Bill,’ it was a huge victory for civil society and an important boost for fundamental human rights in The Bahamas.

INSIGHT: Transforming the minds of our children

WHEN a child is born, they are born into a world of sin. Despite their innocence, they immediately become prisoners of their environment and the many influences around them.

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INSIGHT: New Immigration policy is nothing but a political snow job

LAST week the country was thrown into a frenzy by another distraction from this Minnis administration; the announcement of an immigration crackdown to take place at the end of this year. Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said those persons living in the Bahamas illegally have until December 31 to leave the country before immigration raids commence.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Kristin learns the value of education

Life for Kristin Bethel has not been without its challenges. He grew up with no father in the home, and had a lot of built up frustration and unmanaged anger.

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INSIGHT: Bahamas’ power solution is a must for radical change

Up the hill and right back down again—that’s the story of Bahamian electric power during the five wasted, and expensive, years of PLP Government. Dr. Minnis’ new administration is now back at square one, with a clean slate for creating a brand-new energy policy, a crucial task he must soon address if he is to retain credibility.

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WORLD VIEW: Insuring the Caribbean’s future

INSURERS and re-insurers are facing major losses in the wake of the damage done in the Caribbean and the United States by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. These losses will have a direct and immediate impact on insurance premiums across the entire Caribbean and the Eastern seaboard of the US.

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INSIGHT: Why can’t I talk about weight?

I am a 5’9 129lb well proportioned woman in my 30s but how is a woman who is considered the ‘normal’ body weight has become an outsider in a society where obesity has become the norm?

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INSIGHT: Uncertain times for European Union

DURING our lengthy visit to England recently, my wife and I were struck by the extensive coverage in the media of developments related to the European Union.

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WORLD VIEW: Caribbean states will not shut up or be shut out

THE rights of Caribbean states in the international community are once again being threatened. This time the spokesman is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, Benjamin N. Gedan, who wrote an Opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal on September 25 entitled: “For Venezuela’s Sake, Dismantle the Organization of American States. Tiny Caribbean states have outsize power, and many are in thrall to the Caracas regime.”