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INSIGHT: We must not hold back on using technology in the fight against crime

FIGHTING crime is perhaps the most relevant national issue we face as a country, next to, of course, a much-desired economic rebound. Although marginal, the eight percent decrease in crime has been noteworthy and much credit is owed to the hardworking men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Certainly, there is room for improvement, which we should be confident will take place with the introduction of the technology Minister of National Security Marvin Dames and Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson have been promising.

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INSIGHT: It’s in my belly. I fight for the underdog

BELINDA Wilson, president of the Bahamas Union of Teachers is no stranger to controversy. A fearsome adversary across the negotiating table while at the same time an enigma within her own union having six times been suspended.

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WORLD VIEW: National good over narrow interests in Guyana

THE President of Guyana, David Granger, and the Opposition leader, Bharat Jagdeo, showed political maturity when they met on January 9 to try to resolve a constitutional crisis that could have led to civil strife and the destabilisation of Guyana.

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INSIGHT: Only as good as your word - that’s how you’ll be judged

IT is widely accepted in our brand of politics that a politician will say anything to get elected. It can almost be likened to the way we treat our children – when they do something naughty, we typically shrug it off as mere child’s play. Likewise, when our politicians rile up crowds of thousands from the campaign stages, promising the earth, moon and stars, we simply accept it when they do not deliver.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Chasing dreams from New Providence to Acklins

FOCUS is Lyford Cay Foundations’ out-of-school time, tuition-free enrichment programme. It provides college readiness and access support to public school students of demonstrated need and potential. Students, who are accepted through a multi-faceted selection process, begin the programme the summer after Grade 4, with the goal of becoming the first in their families to achieve post-secondary education.

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INSIGHT: Despite everything, we live in hope of better days

WITH a new year less than 24 hours away, the year 2018 will be behind us. A year filled with political blunders highlighted by the Oban fiasco, the surprise introduction of a 60 percent increase in value added tax, national tragedies as a result of a lack of impetus by successive governments to fix systemic problems, and - on the brighter side – a long-desired reduction in murders in the country.

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INSIGHT: Succeeding by degree - all four of them

“At the time because my mum hardly knew anyone in Nassau she went home to Dominica for family support in the last stages of her pregnancy with me. However, we returned before I was one-month-old,” recalled Frances. The need for Land Surveyors in the country in the 1950s drew Frances Armbrister’s mother and father to The Bahamas from Dominica for work.

INSIGHT: Tis the season - to be on your guard

ARMED robbery is one of the most serious and potentially dangerous crimes committed today. Robbery usually occurs quickly and can be very violent. Plan ahead and reduce the dangers and the potential losses.

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INSIGHT: Stand up, speak up because Rome is burning and time is running out

A statement may have been made at one or more of the Caribbean countries that attended the Conference of the Parties (COP) on the disastrous effects of climate change in Katowice, Poland in early December, but if any statement was made it is nigh impossible to find it despite the considerable search engines on the internet.

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What's on your Christmas list for The Bahamas?

AS we approach the thick of holiday season and goodwill abounds, the Bahamian people take pause to share in the season of giving with their loved ones. Despite the challenging moments on the political front, a year ending means another begins. To that end, as we are creatures of hope, we must recognise through the toughest of times there is still much to be thankful for and to look forward to.

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INSIGHT: Another year like this and it could be game over for Minnis & Co

WITH the year 2018 wrapping up, it is quite normal to evaluate how the government has performed throughout the year. Naturally, those opposed to the government take advantage of the opportunity to tell their compatriots, “I told you so”, and supporters loyally defend their party, for better or worse. Likewise, there are those on the fence who may give the benefit of the doubt as they are only two years into a five-year contract with the Bahamian people.

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INSIGHT: The rise of a Third Force, thinking outside the box could change it all

LIKE many I remain an ardent supporter of the FNM, but like many, I too am frustrated, exasperated and discouraged at the dissonance exhibited by my party.

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WORLD VIEW: Scotiabank’s obligation for decades of profits

A CURIOUS double standard is bein g applied by the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) by its decision to sell its operations in nine Caribbean countries to Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) of Trinidad and Tobago.

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INSIGHT: Feeling safer? I’m amazed Minnis could say that with a straight face

WITH the nation on pace for its lowest murder count in a decade, the government has much to be proud of with regard to its crime fighting efforts. The previous government campaigned and won the 2012 election largely on an empty promise to eradicate crime. Unfortunately, we all know how that panned out. Successive murder records were set under the former administration and fear was at an all-time high with rapes, robberies and murder rampant throughout the country.

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INSIGHT: The little things all added together which could mean so much

Among the many poignant testimonials following the loss of well-known pilot Byron Ferguson in a plane crash last month, one touched a particularly important nerve.