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INSIGHT: An old ally, stuck in the wilderness, looking for friends

“At this moment it’s not possible for us to go into the Bahamas,” conceded Dr Timothy Hsiang, Secretary General of Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF).

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WORLD VIEW: Belize: Put the national interest first

Narrow party-political ambitions frequently thwart the wider national interest in practically every country.

POLICE ADVICE: Keep it simple and stay safe on the road

BE responsible while driving and walking. For your safety and the safety of others, you must follow these rules.

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INSIGHT: More than just a uniform

“NO, it wasn’t just the uniform for me. It was the attitude and professionalism of the first officers I came into contact with. It was my admiration for them and how they treated my family during a very serious time, that’s what drove me to the Royal Bahamas Police Force,” was how outgoing Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean summed up his initial interest in the organisation he would help develop over a 38-year period.

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INSIGHT: When we have children killing children we are all at fault

Everyone becomes the expert in times of tragedy. There is no shortage of judgment and criticism when empathy would do just fine. When a child’s life is taken - as in the case of the young boy stabbed last week - we fear that in our violent society this could have happened to any one of our children. Emotions run high and people seek to point out who is at fault. However, that is one of the most harmful things we can do in times like these.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Kristal’s battle to tackle Bahamas’ plastic pollution

Kristal Ambrose is a changemaker. She has participated in research conferences around the world and has been recognized for her fight in ending plastic pollution. Kristal’s advocacy and the work of a Bahamian non-profit she founded have also been featured in international publications showcasing the work of environmental innovators.

Police Advice: Children are watching what we do

Parents, get involved in your children’s lives before it is to late

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INSIGHT: Playing it safe when friends fall out

SPECTATORS of the mounting tension between economic superpowers – the United States and China – have had much to talk about this week with both countries trading barbs in the lead-up to President Donald Trump meeting Caribbean leaders in Palm Beach on Friday.

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INSIGHT: Treat people like animals and that's how they'll behave

FORMER United States President Barrack Obama once said: “We believe that when people make mistakes, they deserve the opportunity to remake their lives.” This begs a question to ask ourselves: While we can all agree that those who have become offenders ought to be removed from society, have we done a good enough job of creating a pathway after they’ve paid their debts to return as functioning members of the same?

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INSIGHT: No one should go to prison for smoking a joint

No one should go to prison for smoking a joint. No life should be ruined over a small amount of weed.

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WORLD VIEW: Cooperation, coercion and capitulation

ON March 12, the Council of the 28-nations European Union (EU) placed 15 small territories on a list of what it calls “non-cooperative jurisdictions”. What the EC considers these territories to be “non-cooperative” about reveals the raw exercise of power by the strong over the weak.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Born to unlock the world of literacy for everyone

Having strong literacy skills are important if people want to pursue higher education and advance in their careers, according to reading specialist and Dean of Social and Educational Studies at the University of The Bahamas (UB), Dr Ruth Sumner.

POLICE ADVICE: Simple rules to keep your child safe

Child safety is a crucial part of their development and growth.

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INSIGHT: We need a greater sense of urgency in ensuring protection of our children

IN September 2011, 11-year-old Marco Archer left his home to go to the store, never to return to the loving arms of his mother. We all know how tragically this story ended for this family.

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Crime Stoppers' app helping to keep our youngsters safe

THE recent spate of abductions of children in New Providence has led to public outcry for improvements in alerting the public to safety threats – but one group has already taken steps to do just that and is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information in the latest incidents.