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INSIGHT: Facts and fiction on life at the dump

A SOCIAL media post has sparked a war of words between senior personnel in the two most recent management units tasked with oversight of the New Providence Landfill; each side staking their claim as the “group that made the difference”.

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INSIGHT: Let’s open the door and grasp this amazing opportunity

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole, the old saying goes. The same is true for new ideas.

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INSIGHT: We come here for the real thing, not a plastic, vomitous Disney recreation

A letter to all Bahamians, most particularly to the inhabitants of Eleuthera. Hello. Most of you don’t know me. I have, however, endeavoured to know more of you on each of my numerous visits to this wonderful, idyllic, tiny little island in the sun.

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WORLD VIEW: The CCJ - A court for the people

THROUGHOUT the 185-year history of the Judicial Committee of the British Privy Council, it has never provided access for people of little means except for a few people on death row who received free legal service from British lawyers. This stands in

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INSIGHT: Dare to dream your own destiny

‘Everybody is a Genius,’ said Albert Einstein. ‘But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ This week, millions of students all over the world will be returning to classes to rece

INSIGHT – Try to understand, depression is a disease: it wants to kill you

Depression is an insidious disease free to strike whoever it likes at any age. Around us today, sitting near you in the office or beside you in the shop or hotel where you work, a colleague, a friend, may be silently battling with this illness which,

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INSIGHT: Two sides to a story, but who’s telling the truth?

LAST week’s headlines continued to air dirty laundry at the nation’s power company. Since the appointment of a new board following the “resignations” - as purported by Minister of Works Desmond Bannister - were publicised, the Bahamian people have received a lot more insight into what may have happened.

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INSIGHT: Five years of shattered dreams

AFTER waiting nearly five years for a response on her citizenship application, a Bahamas-born woman is petitioning the courts for a judicial review and constitutional relief amid allegations of abuse and harassment by immigration officers.

INSIGHT: Why won’t Washington just play fair?

Last month, Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the United States, sought support in a speech before a meeting of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) in Geneva, Switzerland. He lamented his country is “losing all hope” that its 15-year-long trade dispute with the United States will be amicably settled through private, bilateral negotiations. Sanders is, furthermore, considering asking the WTO’s head to mediate a solution.

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INSIGHT: How do you pay for your healthcare?

Meet Maureen. Maureen is a single mother. She teaches at a public school in Nassau but her true calling is church mission work. Like 70 percent of Bahamians Maureen has doesn’t have health insurance. She was sharing about her situation at Church outreach seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

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INSIGHT: This pill could end up being too bitter to swallow

FACED with the crumbling of an imminent sale of the Grand Lucayan, the government’s decision to purchase the resort has polarised the public. Some Bahamians have been very vocal in expressing their bewilderment via social media and on local radio talk shows. Concurrently, others have praised the government for its decision to purchase the beleaguered resort and save the jobs of those that would have been affected.

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INSIGHT: Lining up for another, unnecessary own goal

It is difficult to understand what the FNM is trying to achieve with its increasingly extreme and desperate stance on immigration. Not mentioned at all on the campaign trail, the issue has somehow ballooned into a top priority, an urgent challenge – a crisis in fact! But a crisis of their own making and the source of repeated blunders and embarrassments which must rattle so insecure and self-conscious a government to its very core.

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INSIGHT – The future of healthcare is here now: be bold

Picture this: you have just been in a car accident. You’re lying on a gurney in the ambulance, sirens blaring as they rush you to the hospital. There’s a family member in the ambulance who’s grasping your hand, terrified. The paramedic asks: “Are you allergic to any medications? Has anyone in your family ever had a bad reaction to their medicine? Have you ever had trouble with anaesthesia?” He’s looking at you and glancing at the family member as he asks. What do you say? Can your family member answer his questions?

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WORLD VIEW – Maintaining independence: the imperative of diplomacy

EXCEPT at time of crisis, many countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) credit their foreign ministries and their embassies or high commissions abroad with little value.

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INSIGHT: More than a case number - the families fighting to save their homes

In the ongoing battle between the government and human rights activists over the threatened demolition of shanty towns too often the individual stories of the families involved are forgotten.