Lida Ernestine Scavella

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Last rites for Lida Ernestine Scavella, 79, of Hatchet Bay Eleuthera will be held on Saturday at 11:00 A.M. at St. Mark’s Methodist Church, Hatchet Bay. Officiating will be Reverend Godfrey Bethell and Reverend Kenya Lovell assisted by Pastor Henry and Elmena Bethell. Interment will be in Hatchet Bay, Public Cemetery, Hatchet Bay.

She is survived by Children: Levada and James Ingraham, Clifford (Butch) and Sharon Scavella, Sherry, Wanda, & Robin Scavella, Gretchen McMaugh, Cransten and Blair Scavella.
Adopted Children: Clady Farrington, Myrna Gaitor, Sandra Johnson and Jane Lord, Gavin Carey
Grandchildren: Jadetra and Leandro Ingraham, Claron Rolle, Lashonte Sears, Azaria and Deatra Scavella, Cianna Scavella; Sisters: Millie Cambridge and Edna Symonette;
Brothers: Gladstone Cambridge, Hilton Cambridge and Johnathon Cambridge;
Sisters in Law: Janet Cambridge, Elaine Scavella, and Lillian Bethel;
Brothers in Law: Ronald Scavella, James Scavella; Aunts: Karen Cambridge;
Nieces: Novalette Cambridge, Meredith Newbold &children , Patrice Spychalla & daughter, Daphne Cambridge, Latrica Cambridge, Stephanie Nixon & children, Juliet Symonette, Lashelle Sands & children, Jana Pitt & children, Jackie Fox & children, Joan Telle & children
Nephews: George (Winkie) Pinder & children, Dexter Cambridge & family, Grant Cambridge & children,Theron Cambridge & family, Justin Cambridge & children, Noland Cambridge & family, Christopher Cambridge & son, Alex Cambridge, Kenth Symonette & family, Clinton Symonette, Ozzie Davis & children Junior Cambridge & children, Jason Cambridge & children, Archie Cambridge & children, Hilton Cambridge Jr. & children, Philip Cambridge;
Nieces- in-law: Wilda Mather and family, Dorothy Bethel and family, Berniece Rolle & family, Ruth Bethel and family, Frizzy Ward & family, Freda Pinder, Mack Pinder and family, Julie Scavella & family, Jasmine Scavella, Pam Scavella & family, Diane Scavella & family, Mona Scavella & family, Bessie Scavella & family, Katie Scavella & family, Carrmen Scavella & Family , Marsha Scavella & family; Nephews in-law: Bob Scavella & family, Edward Johnson & family, Cecil Johnson and family, Kirk Johnson & family, Glen Scavella & family, Stan Scavella & family, Pete Scavella & family, Billy Scavella & family, Robert Scavella & family and Patrick Scavella, Noland Scavella, Ernie Scavella & family and Pachino Scavella & family, Darron Scavella & family, Charles Scavella & family, Edwin Scavella, Ray Scavella; Cousins: Shirley Gibson & family, Earl Johnson & family, Leanora Saunders & family, Dorothy Davis and family, Raymond Davis and family, Whitney Davis & family, Elsie Hanna & family, Mozena Nottage & family, family of the late Myrt Bullard, Libby Peoples & family, Gwendolyn Johnson & family, Priscillia Williams & family, Carolyn Moss & family, Bernard and Sylvia Bethel & family, Joe Johnson & family, Paul Gibson, Tommy and Maybell Gibson & family, Ella Whitfield & family; Special Friends & Family: Florence Scavella & family, Children of the late Tiny Lewis including Emily Hall, Eleanor Steele, Velma Bain, Rev. Lambert and Maryann Farrington & Family, Freda Johnson and Family, Sheila Bannister and Family, Oralee Newbold & Family, Hazel Carey and Family, Lisa Higgs, Clyde (Red) Pinder (Spanish Wells), Aunt Sallie & Family, Pastor Marina Carey & family, Josephine Johnson & family, Minerva Delancy & Family, The children of Henry Wood & the Late Rose Wood, Mr. Eddie-Lee Johnson and Family, Rev. Bosfield and Julia Bethel & family, Rhoda McQueen & family, Mr. Calsey Johnson & Family, Stephen Johnson & Family, children of the late Viola Johnson & Adrian Johnson & family, Rosie Fernander & family, children of the late Hayward & Ruth Dean, Elsie Johnson, Florence Morely& family, Brenda McCartney, The children of the late Aniel and Mary Ranger, God Child : Elvis K Knowles. Her care givers including the Nurses and the Community Health Doctor, Members of St Marks Methodist Church and the Communities of Hatchet Bay & Gregory Town & James Cistern Eleuthera and a host of relatives & friends.

Funeral Arrangements are been handled by Kurtiss Memorial Mortuary, Robinson Road and Fifth Street.