Richard Kurt North McCartney

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Funeral Service for the Late Richard Kurt North McCartney, 43 years of Casurana Ave. & Scarlet Road, Vista Marina, will be held on Saturday November 2nd, 2013, 10:00 a.m. at Christ Church Cathedral, George Street. Rev’d. Fr. A. G. Scott assisted by Fr. Enrique McCartney and Fr. Joseph Myklewhyte will officiate. Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.

Left behind to cherish his precious memory;- his loving and devoted parents William “Wilmac” & Marina McCartney; Brother: Bran McCartney; Sisters Yvette Meredith & Dr. Cyd-Charrisse Saunders; Brothers-in Law: Larry Meredith & Emil Saunders; Sister-In-Law: Lisa McCartney; Nephew Khail McCartney; Nieces Kasia & Tai McCartney; Adopted Brother Audley Zonicle; Special Friends Michael McCartney, Berne Wright, Huel Deveaux, Gary Outten, Fr. Enrique McCartney, Terence Moss, Jason Smith, Carlton Zonicle, Vivia Ferguson & “Cymil”; Uncles Dr. Timothy McCartney, Clinton McCartney, Joseph Major & Steven Cancino; Aunts Pauline McCartney, Sylvia Treco, Sandra North, Roslyn North, Althea McCartney, Cora Major, Joan Adderley, Ann Cancino & Myrtle McCartney; Cousins Myra & Charles Albury & Family, Gregg & Joycelyn Treco & Family, Michael Treco & Family, Keith & Laurie Treco & Family, Dr. Tiffany North & Family, Sherrylyn Fowler & Family, Sydney North & Family, Kim & Timmy Major, Kevin Major & Family, Vaughn & Renee Adderley, Donnie & Denise Adderley & Family, Greer & Nick Hawthorne & Family, Mary McCartney & Family, Gina & Alarie Turner & Family, Clinton II & Sophia McCartney & Family, Shantell & Garvey Thompson & Family, Jermaine Cancino, Denise Dorsett & Family, Warren McCartney & Family, Juan McCartney & Family, Erica Murphy & Family, Stevie McCartney & Family. A host of other relatives and friends including Rev. Doc. Al McCartney & Family, The Delancy Family, Archie Carey & Family, Dot Moncur & Family, Charles Wallace & Family, Arnold McCartney & Family, George McCartney & Family, Charles McCartney & Family, Maude McCartney, Ashva “Boo” & Louis McCartney, Muriel & Bill Green, Emil Saunders Sr. & Family, Angela & Nikki Sawyer, Davina Adderley, Larry & Debbie Sawyer, The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie & Family, Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis & Family, Hon. Phillip “Brave” Davis & Family, Hon. Ryan Pinder, Sen. Carl Bethell & Family, Hon. Leslie Miller & Family, Hon. Dr. Andre Rollins, Hon. Byron Woodside, Hon. Phenton Neymour, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Quinn  McCartney & Family, Tanya McCartney & Family, Samantha McCartney, Dorn Sweeting & Family, Charmaine Johnson & Family, Leon Knowles & Family, Dr. Kirkland Culmer & Family, Clifford Culmer & Family, Joan Culmer & Family, Bradley Bowe & Family, George Clarke & Family, Sheryl Minnis, Sydney Godet & Family, Yvonne Maura & Family, Erma Dixon-Williams, Bertha Hall & Family, Nanika Brathwaite, Gail Saunders, Terry North & Family, Deidre Turnquest & Family, Ena North & Family, Ricky Treco & Family, Anastacia Charlow, Dr. David Allen & Family, Rev. Carl Campbell & Family, Canon Harry Ward & Family, Fr. Peter Scott & Family, Pauline Burrows & Family, Marcia Steele & Family, Dieuliphete “Jeff” Dorlean, Beverly Taylor, Rachael Edgecombe, Christopher Mortimer & Family, Andrew Wilson & Family, Colin & Anna Degregory & Family, Lester Degregory, Charles Sweeting & Family, Jerome Sawyer, Desiree Moxey, Gregg Sherman, Latitia Fowler & Family, Shelley Chriswell, Marilyn Beaubien, Wayne Munroe and Family, Trevor Adderley and Family, Andre Conliffe and Family,Trevor Cartwright, Bridgette Outten & Family, Lynn Johnson, Michael Smith, Henry Saunders & Family, Yvonne Benjamin & Family, Carlo Jackman, Nelson Mackey & Family, Floyd McDonald, Johnny Scott, Cindy Knowles & Family, Kevin Christie & Family, Jamaal Solomon, Edison Nairn, Robin Nichols & Family, Rudy Penn, Neal Gaitor, Carolyn Bartlett & Family, McPherson Williams & Family, Andrew Conliff & Family, Shelley Cleare & Family, Kim Lunn & Family, Johnny Outtten, Anthony Sweeting & Family, Glen Williams & Family, Nicholas Bowleg, Remone Phillips & Family, Marcell Kerr & Family, Trudy Miller & Family, Joyce Bain & Family, Mark Dillet & Family, Genevia Thornton & Family, E.R. Hanna & Family, Constance Mackey & Family, Barbara Albury & Family, Eunice Rodgers & Family, Ian Mitchell & Family, The Toote Family, Judie Heastie & Family, Julie Hoffer, Bain’s & Grant’s Town Community, Holy Spirit Church Family, Crews from: Curly’s, Nesbitt’s, Back of The Bush (Moss), Last Man Standing, The Cricket Club, Harbor Moon, Arawak & Potter’s Cay, The Staff of Wilmac’s Pharmacy 1 & 2 , The Staff of McCartney’s Pharmacy, The Staff of Dr. Cyd McCartney’s Dental, The Staff of C. Yvette McCartney Meredith Law Chambers, The Staff of the Meridian School, The Staff of Halsbury Chambers, The Staff of Westech International, The Pharmaceutical Association, The Democratic National Alliance Executives & Members, The University of Warren Street and Saint John’s College Class of 88’.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #42 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

**There will be NO VIEWING at the Cathedral.