Eric “King Eric” Gibson Sr

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Eric “King Eric” Gibson Sr., age 79 of West Bay Street and formerly of Mason’s Bay, Acklins died at Doctor’s Hospital on Saturday, December 28th 2013.
He is survived by his Children: Minister Angela & Bishop Ghaly Swann, Yvonne Gibson-Sands, Co-Pastor Sharon & Bishop Trevor Williamson, Eric Jr., & Lynn Gibson, Hon. D. Shane Gibson & Pastor Jacqueline Gibson, Michael and Julie Hooper, Ann & Arturo Hutchinson, Shervin & Derek Gibson and Janine & Mario Gray; 7 sisters: Carolyn Walker, Beulah Sands, Revd. Thelcene Simms, Sheila Johnson, Ametha Thurston, Merle Carter and Velma Ferguson; 2 brothers: Heanon and Arthel Gibson; Adopted children: Venal Kemp, Al Collie, Jackie Higgins, and Stuart Halbert, Grand Children: Gyantt Adams, Shamia Gibson, Pastor Leonardo & Michelle Jones, Ghaly & Natasha Swann II, Mitchell Johnson, Eric & Amy Gibson III, Rickiera Gibson, Shane D. Gibson Jr., Angelo Swann, Crystal Jones, Ashley Williamson, Jaimie Gibson, Artura Hutchinson, Apryl Sands, Daren Hooper, Andre Hutchinson, Jazmin Gibson, Alejandro Hutchinson, Ghalysa Swann, Elizabeth, Troy and Travis Williamson and Mario Alfred Gray II Great Grandchildren: Eric Gibson IV, Takiyah and Tianna Swann, Demi Gilmore, Alisha Smith Jones, Leonardo Michael Jones, Treshea, Trinity Clarke and William Adams; Long Time Companion: Brigitte Neven; numerous nieces and nephews and a host of other relatives and friends including: Lorraine Hamilton, Ruth Williams, Pastor Jonathon Simms, Leonard Johnson, Lenard Carter, Curlene Gibson, Edwina Gibson, Duke Errol Strachan, Peter Nygard, Craig Flowers, Frankie Adams, Jim Duncombe, and Sherease Rolle.