Anthony Godfrey Boyd

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Funeral service for
Anthony Godfrey Boyd, 65

a resident of Thopson Lane, will be held at Church of God Cathedral, East Street & Lily of the Valley Corner, on Friday 27th November, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.  Officiating will be Bishop Clarence Gardiner, assisted by Rev. Rufus Lightfoot. Interment follows in St. Agnes Cemetery, Nasau Street.

Precious Memories will forever linger in the hearts of wife: Michelle Boyd (Pompano Beach, Fla.); Children: Alaine (New York) and Michael (Chicago); Adopted Son: Dwayne “Dee” Janod; Sisters: Gladys Boyd-Roberts, Enid Boyd and Beverley Boyd-Treco; Brothers: Simeon Smith, Cecil Jr., Claudiys Alexander, Van Arnold and Glenroy Boyd; Aunt: Rosemary Archer; Grandaunt: Gracie King; Granduncle: Hartman Moncur; Sisters-in-law: Buela Smith, Judy Boyd and Jaclyn LeFlem (New Hampshire, MA); Brothers-in-law: Henry “Goatman” Rolle, William “Billy” Treco and Maurice LeFlem (New Hampshire, MA); Nieces: Glenda Bernadette, Carla, Bonnie, Ingrid, Nina, Rochelle, Taniah, Tamara Connie, Addirna, Tiffany, Tamarlese, Tranave, Tenia, Kendra, Samantha, Stevania, Lavenica, Berdinra, Tempest, Kyiesha, Rayneisha and Sierra; Nephews: Marcellus, Angelo, Lemuel Sr., Mark, Clint, Dominico, Levant, Durant, Keno, Kyree, Temeco, Lavar, Torree, Zamar and Spencer, Jamie, Brandon and Brent LeFlem (New Hampshire, MA); Nieces-in-law: Delphine Boyd and Latoya Wallace; Nephews-in-law: George Henderson Sr., Thomson Clark and Mario Miller; Grandnieces: Latoya, Angelique, Gerogentina, Lemunique, Sherese, Vandrica, Bretaddie, Jade, Khyinise, Jenique, Jeniah, A’Syrrah, Kyhilre, Khyrliea, Khyiliea (Pinky) and Brook’lynn; Grandnephews: Lamuel Jr., George Jr., Kenneth, Brazairo, Kino, Tevin, Oswaldo Jr., Georgio, Thriffean, Marvin Jr., Khyilee Jr., Keno Jr., Temeco Jr., Kenzel, Jordan, Deminico Jr., Tafari, Kyree Jr., Laquan, Israel, Isaiah and Tamario; Great Grandnieces: Lael Boyd and Ra’kygha Gardiner; Great Grandnephews: Antino Simmons Jr., Brazairo Jr. and Zyon; Other relatives: The Right Rev’d Bishop Laish Z. Boyd and family, Berenas Boyd-Fernander and family, Izeta Hepburn and family, Patsy Knowles and family, James Curry and family, Ureika Watson and family, Cleomie Woods and family, Charles, Albern, Isaac Rolle and family, Peter Gilcud, Mary Boyd, Harrett Finley, Joan Edwards and family, Carrington Williams and family, Jennita Fennell and family, Ansel Davis and family, Naomi Smith and family, Ching Arranah and family, Valincimae Dillet and family, Diane Rolle and family, Elsiemae Cleare, Hartman Poitier, Vanria Walkes and family, Kendall “Boy” Johnson, Louise McSweeney, Margrita Small, GB, Ivin and James and family, Patrick and Father Rex Seymour and family, Zelda Boyd, Dr. Sherry Miller and family, Hon. Arlington Butler and family, Willamae Scott and family, Ednal Collie, Hazel Scott-Taylor and family, Albertha Clarke and family, Leroy McClean and family, Karen Harvey and family, Mabel Stubbs and family, Sherman Charlton, Margurite Dahl and family, Marco and Cleo Rolle and family, Joan Whylly, Queen Dean and family, Astrid and The Very Rev’d Patrick Vicar Colin Humes and family, Rev. R.E. Cooper Jr. and family, Vernal “Boy” Wilkinson, Angela Kemp and family, Catherine Cartwright Carey and family, Alfred Carroll, Octavia Johnson and family, Philip Sands and family, Athma Bowe and family, Families of the late Ellis I. Body, Albertha Miller, Everette and Elliah King, Monette King, Ervin, Leon and William King, Inez Boyd-Carey, Silvia Boyd-Cole, Corinne Boyd-Mitchell, Harold Ossie and Rev. Garnet King, Mary Newbold, Orrental Seymour, Doris Sands, Marretta Thompson, Beverley Carroll, Kayson, Wilkinson, Joseph King, Alice Laramore-Smith, Marjorie Woodside and the family of the late Elva Greenslade nee Moncur and Thomas Aston Greenslade, The Boyds, Knowles, Bowes, Bostwicks, Finlayson, Minnis, Wallace-Whitfield, Taylors, Butlers, Brices, Strachans, Neelys, Fountains, Longleys, Brennens, Neymours, Johnsons, Lundys, Sweetings, Olives, Cambridges, Millers, Barrs, Munnings, Hannas, Tynes, Gibsons, Mitchells, Grays, Lotmores, Robinsons, Turners, Harts, Livingstons, Kings, Moncurs, Seymours, Laramores, Joseys, Hepburns, Willimas, Cleares, Bowlegs, Archers, Charltons, Deans, Adderleys, Thompsons, Lightbournes, Penns, Sturrups, Rose, Campbells, Rogers, Cash, Deveaux, Zonicles, Bethels, Marshalls, Pratts, Browns, Ramseys, Armalys and Saunders Family; Friends: Jonnie Swan, Big One Family, Prince Clarke, Janice Johnson-Gray and family, Sonia Archer, Cynthia Archer and family, Creola McKenzie and Eldridge Miller and family, Rose Forbes and family, Inez Stuart and family, Anastacia Davis, Carlos Mackey, Stephen Darling, Paulette Thompson, Jerry Fisher and family, Cleopatra Christie and family, Jaqueline Reid, Julia Neely, Benjamin Gray and family, Bash, Cynthia Musgrove and family, Diane Dean-Ferguson and family, Agatha Dean-Delancy and family, Holly Bethel and family, Wendy Morley and family, The Maycocks, Paul Knowles, Pallis Lockhart, Lilymae MacDonald, Theresa Dawkins, Iris Smith and family, David Thurston and family, Miriam Brown and Marina Franks, Mazhen LeFleur, Phoenix Restaurant Crew, Fowler Street crew The Church of God Cathedral family, Staff of The Trauma room at Princess Margaret Hospital, The Thompson Lane Family, and the surrounding community off East Street.


Funeral arrangements are being handled by Demeritte's Funeral Home.