Rev. W. Otis Munroe

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Rev. W. Otis Munroe, Joe Farrington Road and formerly of Little Creek, Andros died at the Princess Margaret Hospital on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019.
He is survived by his wife: Eulease Munroe; sons: Cleuelano, Sean and Earlin; daughters: Andrea, Marilyn and Yvonne; sisters: Shirley, Lenor, Vera, Rowena, Ethel, Alfreda, Natalie, Cynthia and Joyce; brothers: Risley and Percy; grandchildren: Cleveland, Cleinard, Cleavor, Cleshea, Trene’, D’Ommini, D’Ondre, Meijer, Alyx, Michael, Sheneiya, Ervin, Dominic, Jase, Sloan, Jenna, Hugo, Antonio, Matthew; great grandchildren: Silas, Jayden, Alianna, Da’Mani, Apollo and other relatives.
Arrangements for the funeral service are being finalized and details will be announced at a future date.