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YOUR SAY: The topic we don’t talk about: violence in the home

It’s the great taboo subject - violence in the home. Throughout The Bahamas, behind many locked doors men and women are living in relationships dominated by abuse, whether it be physical, verbal or mental.

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YOUR SAY: Why robust social protection is key to poverty alleviation

The Bahamas has seen an unprecedented amount of challenges over the last few years which have highlighted many infractions in its system of governance, policies and overall national development.

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Your Say: Media must act honestly and responsibly for good of the country

Mass communications in The Bahamas has become one of the most lucrative professions. In a world where everything is so desensitised, the country must hold its journalists and media personnel responsible for its woes and successes.

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YOUR SAY: Engage the people at all levels and the country will grow

IN AN era when information is at everyone’s fingertips, The Bahamas has created a culture that the people’s business is only for a significant few.

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Hard work and discipline crucial to the alleviation of poverty

THE Bahamas is experiencing the impact of a global recession that has stagnated the growth of the country’s economy. While this state of affairs may lead many to fear, become angry or simply feel as if they are in a debilitated state, it is important for the Bahamas to make sensible decisions and good use of its time while it seeks to find ways to sustain, promote and implement sound economic policies toward sustainable development.

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YOUR SAY: Good governance trumps politics in alleviating poverty

Politics has been the driving force of the Bahamas’ economic development from its quest for independence back in the 1960s.

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YOUR SAY: Poverty alleviation in The Bahamas begins with a history lesson

THE Bahamas is a nation of 700 islands and cays. While it is in close proximity to the United States of America, a developed nation, the Bahamas itself suffers from an identity crisis.

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How defining entrepreneurship will help alleviate poverty

In economies that are slightly behind their modern industrial counterparts, entrepreneurship is often viewed as an important component in stimulating economic growth, innovation, competitiveness and in alleviating poverty.

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YOUR SAY: Reforming the education system is vital for future development

EDUCATION is the universal process of imparting knowledge, values, skills and attributes which can be beneficial to an individual and their surroundings. Learning is the process of adopting knowledge, values and skills.

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YOUR SAY: Alleviating poverty starts with combatting climate change

WE HEAR about climate change in the Bahamas but greenhouse gas emissions are rarely spoken of.


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