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‘Very happy campers’ on 36% KFC pay increase

The hotel union’s president has predicted “there are going to be some very happy campers” after the newly-signed Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) deal gave line staff a 36 percent pay rise spread over five years.

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KFC industrial action halt with ‘historic’ deal

Industrial action by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) staff has ceased, it was confirmed last night, after the franchise agreed to an “historic” deal that will more than double the lump sum payment initially offered.

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Hotel union chief warns: ‘The gloves are off now’

The hotel union’s president is warning Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) that it could face worker unrest if no industrial deal is concluded “within three weeks”, as he warned: “The gloves are off now.”

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Hotel union: ‘One item’ away on industrial deal

The hotel union’s president says it is just “one item” away from concluding an industrial agreement with the main employer body, and believes once it is completed other “dominoes” will fall.

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Hotel Union: ‘Lead and we will follow you . . . maybe’

THE head of the hotel union has a message for Atlantis executives who want workers to speak out against Royal Caribbean International’s proposed Paradise Island project: “Put your placards on and go do what you (are) telling us to do.”

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Hotel union eyes industrial agreement ‘red letter day’

The hotel union’s president yesterday said it will be a “red letter day” for its several thousand members when their now ten-year wait for a new industrial agreement with the main employer body is ended.

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Union chief: ‘We’ve been taken for a ride too long’

The hotel union’s president says it is “diametrically opposed” to the industry’s proposal that tipped employees receive less than a full minimum wage increase, saying: “We’ve been taken for a ride for too long.”

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Hotel union aims to close ‘four of five’ this summer

The hotel union’s president yesterday said it is targeting “by summer’s end” to conclude negotiations on at least four of five outstanding industrial agreements in a bid to ease “tremendous pressure” on workers.

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Hotel staff want mask mandate to be extended

BAHAMAS Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union President Darrin Woods said with the country now receiving increased visitor arrivals, union officials would have liked to have the mandatory mask mandate for hotels remain for several more weeks.

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Hilton’s ‘indefinite’ close threatens up to 130 jobs

The “fragility” of tourism’s post-COVID rebound was yesterday underscored by the British Colonial Hilton’s decision to “indefinitely” close from February 15, 2022, and terminate up to 130 staff.

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Hotel workers 'helped tremendously' by govt's free COVID test pilot

BAHAMAS Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union President Darrin Woods says hotel workers have been helped tremendously by government’s free COVID-19 test pilot.

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Furlough ‘frustration’: Workers want finality

A union president yesterday warned that the 90-day extension to the COVID furlough period is “adding to the frustration” of long-suffering workers who want “finality” for their plight.

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‘Bring staff back or pay severance’ urges union

BAHAMAS Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union president Darrin Woods said officials are eager for employers to follow the provisions of the Employment Act once again and either give severance packages to long furloughed workers who they intend to make redundant or return those employees to work.

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Employers, unions unite on extra 90 furlough days

Employers and unionists yesterday both hailed the Government’s move to extend the furlough period by an extra 90 days amid concerns Atlantis may be readying for further lay-offs.

‘Quite a bit of Atlantis workers’ remain furloughed

BAHAMAS Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union president Darrin Woods says “quite a bit” of Atlantis workers remain furloughed, adding they continue to hang in the balance for word on what the hotel intends to do with the end to the COVID-19 Emergency Powers Orders.

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Atlantis confirms Coral re-opening

The hotel union’s president last night said the impact from Atlantis’ plan to re-open the Coral Towers in November will be determined by the number of employees recalled to work.

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‘Unhappy campers’ on Atlantis COVID testing

The hotel union’s president yesterday said “there are a lot of unhappy campers on Paradise Island” after Atlantis followed through on plans to make unvaccinated staff pay for weekly COVID tests.


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