Do you agree with the posthumous award of National Hero to Sir Roland Symonette?

Yes 290 votes


No 251 votes


541 total votes


Alex_Charles 11 months, 1 week ago

He supported a racist regime and ardently opposed majority rule, women voting and the masses Black Bahamians advancing in society. He has indeed helped a few black people, parts of my family included, but what he represented and what he and his party stood for is the antithesis of progress for this country. You can't rewrite history, you can whitewash it either.

With the scores of evil, there was indeed some good. He was no different than most men in his era.


licks2 11 months, 1 week ago

Read people. . .please learn to go and read. . . .that man was the pariah in his party because he was an ardent advocate for black rights and their equal access to the resources of this nation!! I wonder when the Tribune will start publishing the things he did for the black Bahamians and the hell he caught in HOA for his advocacy for poor blacks!! This ignorant ranting going on on this site is a witness of how much contemporary history of this nation known by our elite!!


John 11 months, 1 week ago

Rather than digging up people grave, maybe the government should only seek to bestow awards on people who are alive to receive them. That way the living can judge the living and determine if they are worthy of the award.


sheeprunner12 11 months, 1 week ago

Pop was a British hack to sustain the colonial status quo ....... how can he be a national hero of an independent black nation???? ....... Find me a similar other "national hero" in the BWI or Africa.


Islangal1 11 months, 1 week ago

Why villainize one and not the other. Let's not forget how many tributes have been paid to the so-called the father of the nation-Ping! I find that he and his arrogant party did the most damage to the country during their reign of victimization, myself and my family can attest to that. So can most of the people of North, Central and South Andros. Let's not forget his constituency in South Andros only got running water inside their homes and electricity under Ingraham. No, you can't rewrite history, yet with each passing year, the Bahamian Politicians continue to do so.


sheeprunner12 11 months ago

No one can deny that Pindling did MORE for MORE Bahamians than Pop. That is the basis for the difference.


Alex_Charles 11 months, 1 week ago

Ping became a gangster too. Coke money (allegedly), illegal numbers money (allegedly) and the Bahamian classic, kickbacks from contracts.

Every Bahamian Premiere or Prime Minister was in some way shape or form a crook and a gangster. This about about attack 1 person and defending Pindling.


Greentea 11 months ago

No politician can be called a national hero. After 45 years the country is 8b+ in debt- due to poor fiscal management, corruption and politricking; crime and social degradation is at an all time high; we don't have an effective energy grid; we can't feed ourselves; we are still using the Stafford Sands economic model; nothing innovative ever comes out of parliament; the country standard of literacy, arithmetic and basic critical skills are in the toilet because of substandard education and a culture of materialism and ignorance- and I can go on. We are here because of politicians- Not ONE has ever done ANYTHING- LED a single initiative - while in office - except Edmund Moxey; and that Clean Green and Pristine dude who ran for marathon- intended to advance the Bahamas. I don't care what their color or desired color is.


akbar 11 months ago

First of all what is the true criteria for a national hero. I understand the government want to be all inclusive with such awards but I am sure they could have done some researched and find a better white Bahamian as a candidate. Pure laziness and pandering to one of the richest families in this country. I always believe you cannot tell the full story of the modern Bahamas, good or bad without telling the story of the UBP but come on...I would rather hear about the ultra racist Sir Stafford at least he was a main architect of our much beloved tourism industry and he never pretended not to be a crook and a rascist pandering for black votes.


choocharoo 11 months ago

Nothing's etched in stone, the decision should be reversed at the appropriate time. Statues erected of those who purposely oppressed a race of people by their policies and legislations are coming down world over. Word to the wise is sufficient.


CaptainCoon 11 months ago

reverse for what? Sir Roland was a giant of a man, a truly great Bahamian!


Well_mudda_take_sic 11 months ago

Give Minnis a couple more years and he will be recommending and approving the awarding of a National Hero honour to none other than Perry Gladstone Christie.


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