The PM said Immigration Minister Keith Bell didn't need to resign for overseeing a citizenship swearing-in ceremony at a funeral. Following that and another controversy regarding workers at the British Colonial Hotel, do you think he should resign?

Yes 76 votes


No 12 votes


88 total votes


Apostle 4 months, 2 weeks ago

If the PM didn't fire Minister Bell, it means that he supports him. We supposed to be following the Westminster system and so when a minister gets caught up in unorthodox situation, he or she should resign. At the very least tender his resignation and let the PM reject it. The people then should call for his resignation or fire him. Our politicians are not accountable because we have given them this seemingly unfettered power over us.

UK Prime Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister after two vote of no confidence and her Brexit plans faced opposition. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was caught hosting a party during COVID lock down and was forced to resign. Prime Minister Liz Truss was forced to resign after her budget was rejected even though unemployment was on the decline.

We are supposed to be following the UK Westminster model, whatever that is and as such at least three acts by Minister Bell have occurred where he should have resigned. This is resign from Cabinet and not as a member of parliament and I think we have to appreciate the difference. The electorate will fire them at election since we have no system of recall.

So now we have the Minister of Transport, Minister of Immigration and the (prime Minister of Abaco) I mean the Parliamentary Secretary representing the prime minister in Abaco, the Minister of Works over the BPL scandal and the Minister of National Security on the periphery, but I guess the gaffs do not add up.


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