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Christabelle nails a career in carpentry

Carpentry is usually not a profession associated with women, but Christabelle Izevbizua has been interested in woodwork and building things since she was in junior high school. And now, she has taken that years-long passion and created her own business platform, inclusive of workshops for aspiring young carpenters.

Long Island Chamber chief hails ‘incredible’ cruise visit

Long Island’s Chamber of Commerce president has hailed the impact of Crystal Cruises’ first-ever visit to the island as “incredible”.

Fake polls and reality

We the people gave Minnis and the then opposition FNM a massive victory in May, 2017. We were allured by the many, now bogus, promises made by them plus we were dead tired of brother Christie. Since being elected it is to be admitted that back-to-back events, the hurricanes and now the ongoing pandemic created grave difficulties for the incoming government. It is how it reacted to and dealt with the effects that has now turned many Bahamians off with the PM and his halting administration.

PLP using Trump’s playbook

It is quite depressing to reflect on the journey that the Republican Party has taken since the days of the American Civil War. It was once the party of Abraham Lincoln that ended slavery in the United States. Today it is the party of Donald Trump and uses anger, fear, conspiracy theories and fake news to whip up the emotions of a section of society that is shrinking and getting more desperate by the day.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Do I have to spell it out for you? Check your facts

I’M convinced that the internet has more “fake news” spreaders and “conspiracy theorists” per capita here in The Bahamas than anywhere else in the world.

Behold the swingers

There is a famous song by a Bahamian entertainer par excellence, my favorite living sibling, Kirkland ‘KB’ Bodie, titled: ‘Boy Ya Got Swing’. We all know that song was always relevant, but it will become even more so as we approach yet another electoral cycle.

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Ali Knowles CEO of Caribbean Sluggers

ALI Knowles has made a successful transition from the baseball diamond to the equipment and apparel business.