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Christmas ‘make or break’ for local retail

A Bahamas Federation of Retailers co-chair yesterday warned the upcoming Christmas season will be “make or break” for many merchants still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating economic fall-out.

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Man shot dead on Robinson Road

A MAN was shot dead outside of a place he worked early Friday morning.

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‘Huge dreams' snatched away in deadly shooting

A RELATIVE of a Muffler World employee who was shot dead last week said he was planning to attend Florida International University before he was killed.

Businesses ‘test water’ over extra night hours

Super Value’s principal yesterday said the supermarket chain plans to “test the waters” with 8pm closings after the nightly curfew was eased but voiced scepticism the move would increase sales.

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PM urges US judge: End pursuit of web shop boss

The Prime Minister has urged a US judge to end the federal authorities’ pursuit of Island Luck’s co-founder, writing: “I strongly advocate termination of proceedings against Mr Adrian Fox.”

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Man who took food and cash ‘when hungry’ sent to jail

AN Andros man who admitted breaking into several businesses on the island to steal cash and food because he said he was hungry and thirsty was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison.

Slashed curfew aids food store top lines

A small food retailer yesterday hailed the extra shopping hours created by the nightly curfew’s pushback to a midnight start for increasing sales.

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Man who said he found stolen goods in garbage is acquitted

A MAN who said he was arrested after he was found with stolen goods that he had collected from a garbage can was yesterday acquitted after a magistrate ruled that the Crown failed to prove their case to a “requisite” standard.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: All that it took to get people vaccinated was Black Friday

I COULD go so many ways this week; the material has been in abundance.

Barbers hail return of their ‘15% day’

Barbers and beauticians yesterday hailed the easing of COVID-19 restrictions that will enable them to open on Sundays as that day traditionally accounted for 15 percent of their weekly revenues.

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Vagrant jailed for breaking into liquor store, stealing alcohol

A VAGRANT who admitted to breaking into a liquor store where he stole an assortment of alcoholic beverages was on Friday sentenced to two years behind bars.

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Three dead after shootings and stabbing

Police are investigating after three men died in separate shooting and stabbing incidents on Sunday.

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GB requires ‘critical mass like yesterday’

Grand Bahama’s Chamber of Commerce president says the island needs to regain critical mass “like yesterday”, adding: “We desperately need jobs here.”

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APD container volumes 1,100 below pre-COVID

New Providence’s commercial shipping industry has suffered “no significant” impact from global supply chain disruptions with container volumes up 11 percent for the two months to end-August.

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Minnis: What caused Inagua COVID spike?

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has called on health officials to aggressively investigate the recent spike of COVID-19 cases on Inagua, as some residents there call for more restrictive measures.

Retailers moving swiftly on Christmas inventory

Bahamian retailers are moving swiftly to ensure they have sufficient inventory for the upcoming Christmas holiday season as concerns mount elsewhere about the impact of supply chain shortages and backlogs.

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FACE TO FACE: Template for success – even in a pandemic

Businesses that have not learned to adapt to the new normal of a pandemic by implementing digital aspects to their operations are getting left behind.

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Fox eyes $100m hotel after New York go-free

Island Luck’s co-founder yesterday said “a weight has been taken off my shoulders” after a federal New York judge allowed him to walk free rather than impose a minor jail sentence.

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PM: 'No regrets' over Adrian Fox support

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said he has “no regrets” advocating for a United States court to terminate criminal proceedings against Island Luck co-founder Adrian Fox.

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Stabbing victim 'was a leader and a positive person'

AN argument is believed to have led to a stabbing that left a man dead on Sunday night, according to the victim’s cousin.