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ALICIA WALLACE: Back to the office - but is that best?

MOST of us spend more time working than doing anything else. We are trained for this from childhood.

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WORLD VIEW: Wise heads should prevail at Summit of the Americas

THE Summit of the Americas, scheduled to be held in Los Angeles from June 8 to 10, should be regarded by all the Heads of Government, as a golden opportunity to address the many challenges now confronting the hemisphere.

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STATESIDE: The US and its NATO allies’ Ukraine objectives

SINCE Russia invaded Ukraine three months ago, we have all heard many times about how the US and its NATO allies are carefully walking a tightrope to ensure that Ukraine has a fighting chance to repel the invaders while not acting in such a way that would provoke Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, into even considering launching nuclear weaponry, either on the battlefields of southeastern Europe or against Western targets.

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RF gives back with charity golf tourney

LOCAL golf enthusiasts are gearing up for the 35th Annual Charity GolfTournament hosted by the Rotary Club of East Nassau & The Scout Association of The Bahamas.

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PETER YOUNG: Local elections send message to political leaders

HAVING read an interesting letter recently in The Tribune by Maurice Tynes entitled “Modernising our nation” in which he advocated introduction of community or local government in New Providence, I thought it might be interesting in today’s column to write about last week’s regional and local government elections in Britain and the effect on the wider political situation in the country.

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Journalists mark Press Freedom Day

THE Bahamas Press Club 2014 recently held an event to mark World Press Freedom Day.

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Teenage thief ordered to pay back victim after car raid

A TEENAGER was yesterday ordered to compensate a woman whose car he broke into last month and stole over $1,000 worth of items.

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WORLD VIEW: Developing countries also victims of Ukraine war

IN the words of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, the war on Ukraine by Russia “is fast becoming a matter of life and death for vulnerable people around the world”.

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PETER YOUNG: Britain gets tough on immigration

THE thorny issue of immigration has hit the headlines again on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, the ending of Title 42, which allows the authorities to expel migrants before they have a chance to file for asylum, is causing major controversy while the UK government announced last week bold and imaginative new plans to handle illegal migrants landing on the country’s shores.

Oil embargo

MINISTER of Economic Affairs Michael Halkitis’ comment to Our News about the government not benefiting from fuel inflation has rankled the feathers of many middle to lower class Bahamian households attempting to keep their heads above water.

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Rising to local govt challenge

RISE Bahamas, an advocacy group, has launched its Imagine Local Government campaign joined by partners, Organisation for Responsible Governance (ORG) Bahamas and One Bahamas in Nassau.

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New board to help steer UWIOCB

THE University of the West Indies Open Campus Bahamas (UWIOCB) has appointed an advisory board of directors.

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Multiple investors target Athol Island

Multiple Bahamian investors yesterday confirmed they are targeting Athol Island with tour and beach break destination proposals that one said could create up to 100 jobs if approved.

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UPDATED: Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe releases statement

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe suggested yesterday that a 40-year-old man convicted of having unlawful sex with a 14-year-old girl received a sentence that was too severe, saying had he defended the case he would have argued it was not rape and that the girl consented.

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Education Minister says graduation requirements are being reviewed

EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna Martin says her ministry is reviewing graduation requirements for public high schools with a view to making them “more facilitative” for performing students.

Meeting to discuss Freeport issues said to be ‘fruitful and productive’

BUSINESSMAN Darren Cooper, who organised a recent march in Freeport, said a four-hour meeting this week with Grand Bahama Port Authority executives was “fruitful and productive”.

Fidelity-sponsored BAISS track & field meet ends today

DESPITE the lack of traditional rivalries and scoring systems, the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools returned to sports with its 32 Track and Field Meet, sponsored by Fidelity Bank and Trust.

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Minister expects Bahamian to hold UB president post ‘in short order’

EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna Martin distanced the Davis administration yesterday from the decision of the board of University of The Bahamas to appoint a non-Bahamian president of the institution, saying she expects that “in short order” a Bahamian will ascend to the top post.

The value of our freedom

Throughout my life, I have admired The Tribune, for upholding our freedoms, particularly freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of the press.

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WORLD VIEW: Commonwealth should stand together over Russian aggression

THE Commonwealth, made up of 54 nations of which 32 are small states, should be deeply concerned at the grave threat to the international legal order caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and should act together to show strong disapproval.