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EDITORIAL: Can 150-year Royal Caribbean deal be changed?

IT IS interesting to see the Davis administration leap into action over the Royal Caribbean lease of Crown Land on Paradise Island.

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Michael Pintard nominated for FNM’s leadership post

MARCO City MP Michael Pintard yesterday sold himself as a “fearless” politician who would seek to engage Free National Movement freedom fighters, former parliamentarians from the FNM’s 2017 term in office and conduct a post mortem on the party’s crushing election defeat if he wins the party’s top post.

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Concerns over guns after daylight shooting on Bimini

THE brazen daylight shooting of a man on Bimini has sparked serious concerns over the proliferation of guns now being seen in the Family Islands.

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Bahamas Roadmasters Virtual 9th Bahamas Half Marathon/ 10k set for November 20-21

WHILE they wait on the restrictions to be lifted for mass gatherings at public outings, Bahamas Roadmasters is encouraging persons to come out and participate in their Cancer Treatment of America Virtual 9th Bahamas Half Marathon and 10 Kilometre race.

‘No signs of slowing’: Realtor in 75% jump

A Bahamian real estate firm yesterday said it is aiming to “hold” the gains realised from this year’s 75 percent sales volume increase in a market that “shows no signs of slowing”.

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VAT increase on breadbasket items ‘best practice’

ECONOMIC Affairs Michael Halkitis defended the anticipated increase of value added tax on breadbasket items, saying it follows expert advice and best practices around the world.

EDITORIAL: Davis cuts with one hand, increases with the other

THERE has been a lot of talk, but yesterday we got to see Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis unveil his plan to reduce value added tax to ten percent.

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Henfield Basketball Shooting Academy takes it to ‘The Lab’

IT’S called “The Lab,” where coach and mentor Marvin Hen eld has created his home for the Marvin Hen eld Basketball Shooting Academy for basketball players who have been marginalised because of their shooting abilities.

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INSIGHT: After 50 years, what next for the FNM?

AFTER having just experienced one of the worst defeats in Bahamian political history, the Free National Movement is celebrating 50 years of existence and its membership is optimistic of a return to being a viable political force under new leadership.

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Ingraham: My advice was not wanted

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said he did not feel like his advice was wanted or appreciated by the Free National Movement for the past several years.

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Darville: Minnis didn’t do enough to secure vaccines

HEALTH and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville accused the former administration of failing to do what was necessary to secure additional vaccines, leading to the current shortage in the country.

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Fox eyes $100m hotel after New York go-free

Island Luck’s co-founder yesterday said “a weight has been taken off my shoulders” after a federal New York judge allowed him to walk free rather than impose a minor jail sentence.

Leave our statues alone

I saw a professor from the University of The Bahamas on the news saying that all of our colonial statues should be removed. I would like to know who gave him the job of speaking for the Bahamian people? He is free to voice his opinion, but he must not speak for the Bahamian people.

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A cold winter results in hot prizes


The energy crisis has long since arrived in England. Long queues in front of petrol stations are no longer uncommon, and price increases are also imminent in Europe because the gas price is at a record highs.

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HUBERT EDWARDS: Much rides on ‘new day’s’ authenticity

A listener to a recent radio show texted in to ask: “Can there be a new day without new thinking?”

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Minister: We stopped developer ‘free for all’

A Cabinet minister says the Minnis administration stopped a development “free for all” by introducing new laws and regulations similar to what foreign investors must comply with in their home nations.

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WORLD VIEW: Venezuela talks – mountain went forth and produced a mouse

IT was predictable that, in an attempt to show they are capable of collaboration, the rival political groups in Venezuela would pick their spurious claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory as a show of unity.

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‘Assault by police left me ruined’

A SECOND person who claimed police tortured him at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station for a crime for which he was never charged, yesterday said the incident not only caused him injury but contributed to him experiencing considerable financial loss.

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ALICIA WALLACE: We vote in a broken system which fails us and the options in most cases are terrible

THE signs are here – and they are terrible. The uninteresting, uninspiring, unsightly lawn signs litter New Providence with red, yellow and not much else.

Are FNMs ready for PM Davis?

I believe that diehard Free National Movement (FNM) supporters must now come to terms with the possibility of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis becoming the next prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Three years ago, Davis becoming this nation’s leader seemed farfetched. However, the onslaught of COVID-19 and the catastrophic passage of Hurricane Dorian have placed this highly coveted job well within reach of the PLP leader.