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Police warn of increase in counterfeit currency

POLICE have seen an increase in counterfeit Bahamian currency being distributed in communities, the most common being $20 and $50 notes.

Billboards up and Grand Bahama campaign has begun

ELECTION billboards and political paraphernalia are out in Grand Bahama where five constituency seats are up grabs.

Bahamas AIDS Foundation establishes safe, supervised study centre for kids

The Bahamas AIDS Foundation has received permission from the Competent Authority to assist a small number of primary school-aged children to access and benefit from the Ministry of Education’s virtual learning platform in a safe and supervised space.

Red Cross seeks volunteers

THE Bahamas Red Cross Society is looking to increase its volunteer intake across the country to assist in its work to provide relief and assistance to those in need and during times of disaster.

Chamber director disagrees over severance payout call

A Chamber of Commerce director says he disagrees with the director of labour's call for some employers to pay furloughed workers full severance packages over fears they will not find new jobs.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Lots of talk but little action when it comes to citizenship

THIS week, I watched something that I usually (aggressively) try to avoid; the televised Senate proceedings.

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Moree: Be careful about criticism of the judiciary

DAYS after Deputy Prime Minister Desmond Bannister criticised a Supreme Court ruling, Chief Justice Sir Brian Moree said officials must be careful about denigrating judges to avoid eroding public trust in the judicial system.

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‘Judge’s ruling is wrong and we’ll be fighting it’

WORKS Minister Desmond Bannister criticised a Supreme Court ruling which bans the government from further demolishing shanty town structures across Abaco, saying it has set a “dangerous” precedent that has “usurped” the power of the Ministry of Works.

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Nurses warn it's too early to remove testing for vaccinated travellers

BAHAMAS Nurses Union says it disagrees with plans to remove the COVID-19 testing requirement for fully vaccinated travellers believing there is no guarantee people won’t contract or spread the virus even after receiving two doses of the vaccine.

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‘Adequate’ policing to deal with fish fry crowds

AMID complaints of large crowds gathering at the popular Fish Fry at Arawak Cay, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said he thinks there is adequate police presence at the site.

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WORLD VIEW: Venezuela talks – mountain went forth and produced a mouse

IT was predictable that, in an attempt to show they are capable of collaboration, the rival political groups in Venezuela would pick their spurious claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory as a show of unity.

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WORLD VIEW: We’re in a new reality and those who control the purse strings need to realise that - and help

GOVERNMENTS in Central America are calling for “climate justice” after the devastation of their countries by Eta and Iota as both tropical storms and hurricanes.

Cruise port chief: ‘We’ll ignite fuse’

Nassau Cruise Port’s top executive yesterday pledged that Prince George Wharf’s $268m transformation will “ignite the fuse” to spark the downtown improvement both Bahamians and cruise lines desire.

Leave our statues alone

I saw a professor from the University of The Bahamas on the news saying that all of our colonial statues should be removed. I would like to know who gave him the job of speaking for the Bahamian people? He is free to voice his opinion, but he must not speak for the Bahamian people.

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Punch-up at work costs man $350 fine

A 23-year-old man, who assaulted another man at his place of employment last week, was ordered to pay $350 compensation to the victim.

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Man fined $750 for causing harm

A MAN who injured another man in the face during an argument was fined $750 and ordered to compensate the victim for his injuries.

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STATESIDE: To Rush Limbaugh it was all so simple - most Americans just don’t like the Left and Democrats

Rush Limbaugh died last week. A defiant cigar smoker, he died at the age 70 from lung cancer.

Commission chief wary over digital ‘sandboxes’

THE Securities Commission’s top executive yesterday said “serious” digital assets providers wanted to operate in a well-regulated jurisdiction and did not need “sandboxes” to facilitate their innovation.

Atheism and the FNM

It would be discriminatory of evangelical Christians and other theists to single out Acting Financial Secretary Marlon Johnson for harassment and disenfranchisement for his atheism.

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Goodman appeal is rejected

THE Court of Appeal yesterday affirmed the 55-year prison sentence of Kofhe Goodman, the man convicted of the murder of 11-year-old Marco Archer, after ruling his appeal had no “prospects of success”.