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PART II: ‘Why reunification between the mainland of China and Taiwan is the only viable option’

THROUGHOUT China’s history, there has been a great yearning for unity and stability among the Chinese people. China had seen some of its best times, as a united, powerful and prosperous country leading the world in many ways. And among its worst nightmares were those internecine wars and conflicts inflicting destruction and misery upon its own people and inviting foreign aggression.

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Former senior sports officer Colebrooke dies at 68

THE Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is mourning the loss and reflecting on the life of its former senior officer Kevin Colebrooke, who also served at one time as the acting director of sports. He died at his home on Friday, September 16.

The Word and The Bahamas

Please allow me a little space to express what was put on my heart concerning the Bahamas and the word that was given.

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FACE TO FACE: Following in the footsteps of an emperor

BATH, England is such a beautiful place. Those who watched the Netflix hit, Bridgerton have seen the scenes of an idyllic countryside with beautiful architecture and lots of charm.

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New organisation helping grandparents caring for their grandchildren

THE Bahamas Grandparents’ Support Foundation, a newly formed non-profit organisation, is helping grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren in their golden years.

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Bimini Bay’s developer overturns $600k award

Bimini Bay’s original developer yesterday overturned an almost-$600,000 damages award against it for negligence relating to the theft of a boat from its marina more than 13 years ago.

Legal look at marital rape ruling

If the 31st August 2022 report of the the Supreme Court’s ruling in a recent divorce matter is true, the Ruling is a missed opportunity of epic and catastrophic proportions. It is a dog whistle to every abusive spouse in this country that has set us back decades in our mission to preserve basic human rights and the rights of women in particular.

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Bahamas island saved from ‘a complete loss’

A Bahamian private island, which is among the most valuable assets owned by an accused $40m securities fraudster, was yesterday rescued from becoming “destroyed and a complete loss” via a US court-approved deal.

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‘Second class citizens’ in the financial system

A Bahamian crowdfunding platform was yesterday moving aggressively to solve the challenges faced by small retail investors “cut out of the financial system”, adding: “We’ve treated these people like second class citizens.”

Crowdfunded restaurant eyes $2m 2023 top-line

A Bahamian restaurant entrepreneur yesterday said he ultimately plans to return 50 percent of profits to shareholders after his successful crowdfund raise paved the way to secure a second location and production/distribution centre.

Abaco Chamber concern over illegal dwellings

NEARLY three years after Hurricane Dorian decimated Abaco and its surrounding cays, portions of the island continue to be challenged by the proliferation of illegal dwellings and unreliable utilities.

Pintard does not need to hear from Bodie

I read Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) radio personality Ortland Bodie’s Nassau Guardian opinion piece on Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Michael Pintard and it dawned on me how utterly subjective the media in The Bahamas is regarding politics.

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Three accused over firearms

THREE Freeport men accused of importing firearms into the Bahamas were charged in a Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

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Two charged with Rock Crusher Road murder

TWO MEN were charged in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday with the shooting death last weekend of a 21-year-old man who was on bail for murder.

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Man in land fraud case

A MAN was granted $7,000 bail yesterday for alleged fraudulent distribution of Crown Land acquisition letters to two churches for five acres of land.

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Attorney must pay $165k over ‘forged’ bank drafts

A Bahamian attorney has been ordered to pay Scotiabank some $165,000 after his business account became overdrawn due to two bank drafts that were discovered to be “forgeries or counterfeit”.

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Man charged with possession of firearm, ammunition

A MAN was granted $7,000 bail in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday on firearm and ammunition charges.

Will a new Commissioner change things?

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander’s pedigree, mostly CID-DIU, could change things, but the data on where the guns come from causes me, and should cause everyone, serious anxiety that little will change.

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Honours from grateful nation

BISHOP Lawrence Rolle, community activist Khandi Gibson and former police commissioner Paul Rolle say they are honoured and humbled for recognition of their service to the nation as recipients of the Bahamas’ 49th Independence Day National Honours.

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Getting to the root cause by killing seeds of crime

Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty (AGCS), in a June 15, 2022, report has predicted an increase in strikes, riots, violent protest and general social disorder on a global scale. This continued upheaval has been associated with the post-COVID fall-out, and the increased cost of living that comes with scarce basic human necessities. The United Nations secretary-general, speaking of the war in Ukraine, which has impacted more than 30 percent of the world’s wheat production, said in March: “All of this is planting the seeds of political instability and unrest around the globe.”