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Insurers: ‘Everyone will pay’ if storm cover unaffordable

Bahamian insurers yesterday warned that “everyone will have to pay” if hurricane coverage becomes increasingly unaffordable with the issue representing a growing public policy “dilemma” for the Government.

Small businesses facing struggle on NIB rate hike

BAHAMIAN small businesses will struggle to absorb any National Insurance Board (NIB) contribution rate increase due to the multiple other expenses hikes they are grappling with currently, a sector consultant has warned.

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Minister leads Bahamas team at energy summit

A BAHAMIAN delegation headed by Cabinet minister, Vaughn Miller, travelled to Abu Dhabi to promote this nation’s renewable energy ambitions.

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STATESIDE: Political grandstanding and distractions expected as US Congress grapples with debt and spending

THERE seems to be so many distractions in the US these days, even as an ominously deepening war in Ukraine threatens truly dire consequences.

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Bell resists UN call to suspend deportations to Haiti as situation spirals out of control

DESPITE calls from United Nations officials to suspend deportations to Haiti, Immigration Minister Keith Bell said The Bahamas has “a job to do” to ensure that officials protect the country for Bahamians.

Gas stations to ‘manage’ minimum wage increase

Petroleum retailers yesterday the minimum wage increase was something they “all have to manage” as they continue to push for a change to the industry’s fixed-margin business model.

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IAN FERGUSON: Customer loyalty brings its rewards

There is no doubt that attracting new customers is essential for your small business. Every business person, especially proprietors of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, are always hungry to increase market share. Turning those first-time buyers into repeat customers, however, is arguably just as important.

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That takes the cake - egg prices soaring

SEVERAL local bakeries have expressed frustration over the “incredible” rise in the price of eggs, among other items, in grocery stores on the island.

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IAN FERGUSON: Making sure the price is right

Pricing your goods and services should never be a wild guessing game. When you are reasonably new to business, though, it can feel like a loaded task. There are any number of factors to take into account, such as how much you are spending on supplies, how much your time is worth, and more. Your pricing structure will also ultimately set the tone for your small business.

Bahamas Waste in first price rise for ‘more than a decade’

A BISX-listed waste services provider yesterday confirmed that “crazy” cost increases over the past year had left it with no alternative but to raise customer prices for the first time in over a decade.

AID 'most concerned' over BPL rate hikes

A major Bahamian retailer yesterday voiced optimism that 2023 will be "marginally better" than last year while revealing it is "most concerned" about Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) rate hikes depressing consumer spending.

Mental illness or possession

The print media published some months ago a tragic incident involving a mentally ill individual who was put down by law enforcement officers in New Providence. I believe that it was in December that the Senate rubber stamped the Progressive Liberal Party’s Mental Health Bill (2022), which repealed the Mental Health Act of 1969.

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IAN FERGUSON: Creative ideas to bring new businesses online

As people survey the world’s current business and political landscape, many are leaning towards entrepreneurial pursuits. And it should not be surprising that most new small business ideas in 2023 will involve an online model.

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$50m Arawak Cay project targets ‘Tesla-like’ impact

A Bahamian former professional basketball player is investing $50m in an Arawak Cay manufacturing facility he hopes will enable this nation to become “a leader in the field” of climate-resilient construction.

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Opposition ‘stunned’ at tripling of property tax

The Opposition yesterday said it was “stunned” by the Government’s forecast that property tax revenues will more than triple to $555m within four years, its leader saying: “I don’t see what the Prime Minister does.”

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‘Future generations and youth let down’ over NIB

The National Insurance Board (NIB) must be given more independence from government, a pension specialist urged yesterday, adding: “Successive administrations have let the youth and successor generations down.”

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$64K NIB SALARY AS MUCH AS AUDITOR’S: IDB says ‘bloated’ cost structure highlighted 
by average income

National Insurance Board (NIB) employees enjoy an average $64,000 income that nearly matches the earnings of the Government’s top financial watchdog due to a bloated cost structure, a study has revealed.

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Bahamas requires $16bn economy ‘to make sense’

The Bahamas must grow its economy to $16bn, expanding its size by around one-third, if its future is “to make sense” in the absence of government austerity, a governance reformer urged yesterday.

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Governor eyes IMF-beating 4-6% GDP growth for 2023

The Central Bank’s governor yesterday forecast that The Bahamas could beat International Monetary Fund (IMF) projections by growing its economy “anywhere in the 4-6 percent range” for 2023.