IAN FERGUSON: 'Glass half full' mentality key for corporate leaders

By IAN FERGUSONTODAY’S article focuses on simple, practical steps leaders can take to have a greater impact in their workplace and effect change in the lives of those they lead.1. Demonstrate care each day. Team members need assurance daily that you

IAN FERGUSON: How to constantly improve your skills

Science and technology are progressing at such an accelerated rate that it is virtually impossible to stay competitive without a strategy for life-long learning. The workplace has become a ‘rat race’ as to who can achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency. The ‘political’ or ‘family connection’, or the graduate degree, may have gotten you in the door, but the push to constantly improve your skills will keep you advancing once there.

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What every business needs

Quite often people ask me why I broker business sales, when they think it’s almost easier to start one up themselves.

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Key questions for you entrepreneurs

Karl Albrecht founded the discount supermarket chain, Aldi, after he cut his teeth in his mother’s grocery store.

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Unseating the competition

The downside to doing well in business is that competition arrives and tries to grab your patch...

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Plan for asking the really hard questions

The Australian Aboriginal peoples have a tradition they call ‘walkabout’, where they enter dreamtime and seek advice from ancestral spirits.

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Getting the fine details correct

Owning a business can be like navigating a small yacht through a tropical storm that threatens to snap the masts, or take out the sails. On other days when things are going better, managing a firm effectively can be more a matter of subtle changes of direction as the market shifts. Here are my thoughts on this.

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Don't finance your start-up for failure

I thought I’d grab your attention with a snappy title.

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Business advice is a free gift

While studying for my MBA at the University of Liverpool, I was introduced to a variety of celebrated business names.