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So what was the purpose of spending 220 million on new Defense Force boats..


John 4 hours, 20 minutes ago on Impact of buying Grand Lucayan 'like aftermath of a hurricane'

And if you haven't noticed, stores in New Providence are still closing. Even in the malls and the busy Carmichael Road area. A major clothing chain may have to downsize again if this back-to-school season turns out to be a dud. These stores relied heavily on Social Services back-to-school assistance program to boast it's sales after cutting many smaller merchants out of the market. But now with government cutback and consumers spending less the store is feeling the crunch. In the meantime, other stores are downsizing and moving into shops that have cheaper rent and overhead. The problem is when many people get jobs, they shop online or abroad. So this minimized the impact of Bah Mar's hiring several thousand workers. And the government continue to pile on taxes.


John 22 hours, 40 minutes ago on Impact of buying Grand Lucayan 'like aftermath of a hurricane'

The hotel is a nice property. As Donald Trump would say, It is a very nice property, beautiful scenery and wonderful ocean breezes and Freeport is nice too. But the hotel needs an experienced management team and operator. Not a government that already has financial challenges and no hotel experience What happens after two or three years of pumping millions and millions into this property, giving employees false hope and the property has to close again? Back to square one.


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Despite raising taxes by leaps and bounds, the government continues to borrow by leaps and bounds and the economy remains stagnant. In fact if one was to take out the Bah Mar factor, the economy actually contracted under the past 12 months. And it is not just the government feeling the effects. A local retailer, who may soon be seen to be reducing the size of his business claims that they continue to pump money into the business every quarter. But nothing comes back. And after subsidizing their business for the past 6-8 years they must now make the decision to scale down considerably or close completely. The government does not have the option to close.


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Minnis is a jackass if he buys this hotel, considering the current conditions of government finances. And those advising on the purchase of the hotel should be traitors of the country. Why , On God’s earth would this retarded government chose the most expensive and least potential option for rescuing Freeport and Grand Bahama? WHY?