John 1 day, 23 hours ago on Parents react to shooting at primary school

The island is just so steeped in anger and frustration. Just watch the way people drive. They blow their horns like they’re in New York. Some are five or six cars away and s blowing as soon as the light changes. They would block you in a corner even if you are going in the direction opposite of them and would cut you off even when the road is empty.


John 2 days ago on Parents react to shooting at primary school

These some serious, selfish (Catholic) Christians aye. ‘It was about him not about anyone else.’ ‘Why he run to the principal office putting other people in danger.’ ‘You gotta live clean because they coming for you through your children ‘ Judge and jury.


John 2 days, 23 hours ago on Anyone harbouring illegal immigrants 'will feel full brunt of the law'

Go in Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay and prove you serious. You had a break down in your security system so now you want to take vengeance on the lowest level of the public. Common sense should dictate that if there were 250 (give or take) Haitians on that boat that got into the local community, at least one or two would have been uncovered by now. Maybe officers need to go into Albany since they heard people running through the night.


John 3 days, 13 hours ago on ‘Detainees must be taken to court’

The major points being missed here;

  1. Because of the boat landing, the government went on a rampage and rounded up Haitians to send back to Haiti. But the government expects to be a member of the WTO in a year or so. What does that mean? That citizens from member nations can come to the Bahamas to work, to live, to start businesses just as if they were Bahamians. Our borders will be ripped wide open.

  2. The Minnis' led FNM government is changing the laws for the requirements for Bahamian citizenship. This means that persons who have never even visited the Bahamas will be entitled to citizenship. It means that illegal immigrants coming here and getting impregnated by Bahamian men will now have Bahamian children. It means that Bahamian men having children anywhere in the world will father Bahamian children. It means that persons coming to the Bahamas from Haiti or any part of the world and claiming Bahamian parentage will be entitle to have their cases heard and may get citizenship. There is already a big problem with immigrants, legal and illegal.. Bahamian citizenship is under seige and gues what, not just by Haitians. there are persons who want to change the complexion of the Bahamas


John 3 days, 16 hours ago on ‘Detainees must be taken to court’

The problem is not with the Haitians who come from Haiti you know. it is the cross breeds, like Fred Smith who cause problems and create disharmony.. Apparently because they have some command of the English language and because they also speak Creole fluently, they feel they have more rights and should have more priviliges than anyone else. Just look at their demeanor : they are always angry, arguing about something or looking down on everyone around them. Some even hate their parents for being Haitian. And they can't stand the best bone in Bahamians


John 3 days, 17 hours ago on Parent shot in the hand as he collects child from school

Hope the police and the public doesn't rest until this attempted killer is caught and sent to jail. A few minutes later at least one one child would have been in the car that he shot into and the outcome could have been tragically different. Don't let him spend the weekend free.


John 3 days, 18 hours ago on ‘Detainees must be taken to court’

This Haitians sloop was a decoy for some other sinister plot that went down.. maybe even drugs. But it is a loud and clarion cry to Hubert Minnis not to tamper with the country’s immigration laws. Imagine 250 illegals in a few years claiming they have fathered or born Bahamian children. Now the onors is on the country to disprove them.


John 4 days, 13 hours ago on Man shot while sitting in parked car

It was good while it lasted..the lull in the shooting spree.. Thankfully the shooting wasn't fatal and hopefully the police will catch the killer before he tries again. especially since persons on the scene saw his face. At least get his identity out to the public so he will be the one on the run.


John 4 days, 16 hours ago on Bahamas only per capita GDP faller within the Caribbean

The tourism marketing and growth plan seems to have been lost over the past five years. And despite the dumping of millions and more millions in Carnival, this event was never properly marketed and hardly, if ever marketed to the international market. Tourism needs a hefty dusting off and brought back to the fore. One thing too that tourist complain about is The bahamas has become too Americanized . A common complaint is Tourist can get a lot of stuff thats here back at home, and it's far less cheaper.The big hotels have virtually destroyed the tourist product by trying to eliminate the Bahamian experience. And when Bahamians go to other Caribbean countries, like Trinidad and Jamaica and see that their culture is intact and night life and tourist participation is booming, they have to come back home embarrassed. Bahamians have been reduced to zoombie taxi drivers or talking parrots in the straw market.


John 4 days, 16 hours ago on Ex-minister: $750m bond to ‘slow economic growth’

The fact is that banks like RBC are in no rush to get rid of the $1.7 billion they are holding in excess liquidity. They don't want to be bothered with the difficult and uncertain loan market. So they have stopped paying interest on most cash deposit, In some markets banks are now paying negative interest on excess deposits, meaning the banks now charge the depositors to keep their cash. And some banks have doubled up on the interest rates of the loans to consumers and businesses they do carry on their books, in addition to charging fees on everything you could imagine and increasing fees that already existed. So basically these banks are learning to make money while taking little or no risk while their coffers are bursting with interest free money. So the depositors must now seek to move their funds to more risky, but money earning vehicles, like stocks and bonds. Many consumers too are wary of taking out mortgages and long term loans simply because the market is to unstable and too uncertain.