OrdinaryMan 5 years, 9 months ago

banker - your comments always reflect an unusually informed, savy and high quality mind. Why not step up more in the public arena with like-minded people known to you. Just as a realistic Bernie Sanders influenced the DNC and Hillary's platform towards greater progressiveness (in spite of her...um...integrity issues), so too can you and your like-minded compatriots gang up on Branville Mc to walk a better straight line.

Up Here in the States us progressive types have had to accept the common sense of the second-best choice - for now - as an acceptable half-step towards later progress - rather than simply say "F*ck it!" and turn away completely from Choice Ridiculous vs. Choice Default.

You have the ability, banker, and life is indeed too short; importantly, what else are you doing with your time right now?? Bust a move, bro.

Just saying. There's no way you are alone, and even with just a single room full of like-minded friends, you and they can perhaps influence Branville towards better navigation for the Bahamian people.


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