SamF 2 years, 9 months ago

Global Pass for Americans

I wanted to start this comment thread as I live in Florida but truly love going to the islands. As such I also own my own plane. One deep desire would be to have a second home in the islands, as my wife is a writer, and the out islands are an ideal place to do that. However I personally have to entertain business engagements on a weekly basis back in Florida. And having to go through the complete customs procedures every time I entered, maybe weekly, really makes the travel extremely inconvenient. And I can promise you that as a member of pilots groups in the USA, this is a Major source of contention. So, as such, it seems like a better way to pay ones expenses is to increase the economy, not increase the fees. Make business and travel more friendly, not less friendly. Anyway, I thought I would throw the concept out there and see what kind of responses I get. Thanks.


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