Shirley 1 year ago on DNA candidate resigns over Lincoln Bain 'deal breaker'

Bran was already on shaky ground with me prior to this move, but he has completely lost my support now. This Bain fellow is bad news.


Shirley 1 year, 10 months ago on ‘Terrified’ of outcome in CIBC loan dispute

The bank clearly made some mistakes and bears some responsibility for this unfortunate situation. If the appraisal contained errors and the bank was well aware of same, but still accepted the report and advanced funds on that basis, they should be prepared to write-off a portion of the debt. I believe some assurances were given by the bank which the individual was probably not authorized to give. Certainly this matter can be resolved without the clients losing every thing they have worked for. Praying for the Spicer family. May you prevail in the courts.


Shirley 2 years ago on Policewoman fired after funeral brawl

She had her due process, and besides, her despicable behaviour was witnessed by numerous members of the police force and captured on camera. I say good riddance.


Shirley 2 years, 2 months ago on COB asks police to investigate fraud allegations

"The College will now let the criminal justice system take its course. " Good luck with that.


Shirley 3 years, 6 months ago on Too much filth

On a daily basis I drive from JFK to the eastern end of the island and it truly disgusts me to see the miles and miles of litter along the entire commute. I will never understand how anyone could think it is okay to throw garbage on the ground and expect someone to pick up after them. This reflects poorly on us. The other day I was driving behind a dump truck and all along the way boxes, bottles, cans, plastic bags etc. were flying off the back, simply because the idiot failed to secure it. This happens much too often and is one of the reasons why the entire island is filthy. Parents need to set better examples for their children. The litter laws must be enforced. The MOW needs to ensure people are doing what they are being paid to do. We all must be accountable and take responsibility for keeping our surroundings clean. Its not that hard people.


Shirley 4 years ago on Man on remand for Christmas as judge runs out of time to check file

Decent members of society have been forced to live in their own prisons. I don't see see why scum like this should be considered for, or granted bail under any circumstances.