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Yet, people say Trump and Bannon are crazy when they say western civilization is at war with China.


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Hey, China's new dick tator recently amended the laws so he can stay in power for life. Why not follow the leader? Let's have another Pindling. Heck, we got so mucha Haitian here now, why don't we have another Papa Doc. We recently had Papa and now we got Doc, so we just gotta combine 'em together and we be straight.

I don't think Stephen King could write a scarier novel than our real life thriller here in these shallow seas.


TheMadHatter 10 hours, 35 minutes ago on ‘I’ll shut down island’ threat - over one manager

I think Dawes got this one figured out. Oh the expensive - very expensive - conch slop soap operas we have going on from Walker's Cay to Inagua.

Too bad the general public believe the "fuel surcharge" is actually a fuel surcharge. But, you know, D average could do that. Education policy keeps the people eyes shut to so many things.

Listen to rap music, and pay ya light bill and shut up.


TheMadHatter 1 day, 1 hour ago on ‘Enough - too many foreign workers’: Minnis warns labour permits must decrease

Bonefish - he aint talkin about CEB. It's the invading army from the south that is the problem. But it's really too late. The fact that there is even one Bahamian (you) left who doesn't see it, means their plan for takeover is foolproof.

We are doomed. Lower the flags to half mast.


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Ohdrap - yeah mostly Jamaicans and the Bahamian case adjourned to Dec 10th never to be heard from again. How come the well known QC can get get hearings within 24 hrs but we gats to wait months on the other side of the fence?


TheMadHatter 1 day, 7 hours ago on ‘Enough - too many foreign workers’: Minnis warns labour permits must decrease

Pundit, i wouldnt doubt the devaluation prior to WTO, especially since they know Bahamians won't burn Bay Street and Cable Beach to the ground in retaliation. We will just bend over and take it like always.

However, the hotel is a non-issue. These boys done gats all kinda accounts.


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If him and KP keep borrowing from foreign (which they do every 3 weeks), we all gah be so poor (including the PLP Party) that nobody gah have money for telephone pole poster. So nobody can't come up against him to win. No money for tv or radio ad or newspaper ad.

Who wants to vote for some dude with a can of corned beef in his hand?

Minnis gah win cause he the only one gah be wearin suit and tie.


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Nice try writer. Nice of of you to spend the time writing. But, with all the CCTV cameras downtown that could easily identify this person - nothing will be done. We are a nation of pirates. Loud motorcycles riding up and down the streets with front wheels in the air - special mufflers to make loud noise. All hours of the day and night. No police can find any of them. But if you are a young man driving properly along the road, minding your own business, but the police pull you over for nothing and find a spliff under your seat, your hip going to jail and you got police record, no travel visa, no good jobs for life cause ya got record. Real criminals get off free. Even if they murder someone with ten witnesses the Privy Council says we can't hang them.

If I were in power when the Privy Council issued that insane ruling, I would have brought a Bill to Parliament saying every citizen must contribute $10 to the well being of anyone found guilty of murder. Tax the people to pay for his jail commissary. That would at least gain international reporting and show how stupid we are. If the Privy Council wants us to be stupid - then let's be real stupid. Pay fees to murderers. Yeah.


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My grandmother always said, "The last place you want to be is where you're not welcome."

Take a hint Shaunae. The Bahamas is not for winners. Losers live here. You will stick out. You will be spat upon. As a woman you will surely get the short end of the stick. Women are supposed to be home, barefoot and pregnant, following the orders of their husbands.

My very best wishes to you for your future and to MP Martin for supporting you (and Pintard) - but trust me, these "lights out" islands ain't no place for you. The next fire at BPL they might blame on your Olympic torch. Don't give them that chance. Don't show up on Monday, be on the first thing smokin out the airport on Sunday. Take care.


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"“If you follow the immigration department they have taking Bahamians before the courts to be prosecuted and they will become even more aggressive because the message must be loud and clear." said Minnis.

REALLY? Yet, he can't name ONE name. Trust me, not a SINGLE Bahamian has been hauled before the courts for hiring illegals. Not one.

Bogart is also correct. There is something rotten in Denmark. This is a grand conspiracy to take over this country and get rid of Bahamians entirely. Meanwhile the delegation is off to Geneva to sell us to the merchant ships once more with the WTO.

Sadly, however, there is nothing that can be done about it because Bahamians themselves are complicit in their own destruction. Who hires these foreigners? Bahamians. Who shops in the illegal shanty town stores? Bahamians. Who marries illegal persons to "make" them legal? Bahamians. Who takes up collection in church to help the "poor" Haitians every time they have some issue? Bahamians.

Who is NOT out in the street marching in support of a 50% tax on money transfers to the Caribbean? Bahamians. Who makes up and broadcasts on radio and television (and btc topup computer) ads and info in Creole? Bahamians. Who shops at all the Chinese "convenience" stores in Nassau and buys liquor and cigarettes (and wrappers) from them? Bahamians.

So WHO is destroying the Bahamas? Bahamians. Not the government.