ThisIsOurs 1 hour, 37 minutes ago on Eleuthera families: We want Disney

Promises promises. These people have nothing on Lucifer when he promised Jesus the world if he would ONLY bow down and worship him.

How many more broken promises do we need before we stop selling our souls for maid, butler, janitor, receptionist, waiter and security jobs? This sound just like the illegal gambling promises, they surely got super rich but what have they delivered to the Family Islands but blight?


ThisIsOurs 19 hours, 47 minutes ago on Crypto, ICO rules completed within ‘the next 30 days’

I don't agree with zero legislation. History has shown us example after example of market crash after market crash precipitated by money making "schemes" that were unregulated and profited those in the industry millions for years. Only then to be followed by a gigantic crash. For me I think the question is what is the correct balance between legislation and growth


ThisIsOurs 20 hours, 6 minutes ago on Crypto, ICO rules completed within ‘the next 30 days’

Here's what I don't get about this blockchain thing. And I don't know enough about it myself because I have some other priorities. But what worries me is that it's being used as this sexy new technology, just say blockchain and you'll get an investor.

What I do know about software design, you always cut the suit to fit the cloth. I hope I got that analogy right, my Grammy would be ashamed if I didn't. Anyway, from my knowledge of software design there is never "one" way to do anything. There's always a set of trade offs and then decisions made by the architect based on which approach is most efficient and cost effective.

What I don't like about this blockchain discussion is, it's being proposed as the solution for everything. In some ways I feel persons with personal business interests are pushing it to KP and Kwasi who don't know their head from their tail. And in many cases it will be using a sledgehammer to drive in a single nail when a hairbrush would work just as well. Meaning, unnecessary, overinflated contracts just because "blockchain" is in the job description


ThisIsOurs 1 day, 1 hour ago on Minister lauds poultry's 'huge' growth potential

"AN Abaco-based poultry producer said yesterday that August could be its "worst month in years" with sales down 40 percent compared to July's figures.

Lance Pinder, Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm's operations manager, told Tribune Business that while August sales have typically been sluggish due to the seasonal nature of the island's second home/ tourist market "it's never been this bad".

I wish they would not spout fanciful notions. Mr Pinder just reported declining sales last week,before waxing on about how wonderful the industry could be,how about giving him resources, tax breaks, data,technical assistance, whatever that may be, to get through a period that could cripple his business.


ThisIsOurs 1 day, 6 hours ago on Govt to cap number of subventions for UWI medical students

Please don't release any malpractices waiting to happen on the Bahamian public. Some of these doctors who pass through only good for white coat and green scrubs. They give you nonsense explanations on medical issues which you're only aware of when you speak to a knowledgeable physician.


ThisIsOurs 1 day, 6 hours ago on GRAND PLAN

The most strange thing about this is he spent more time speaking about an outrageously bad deal he didn't take as opposed to why he accepted the outrageous terms of the deal he did take. One has nothing to do with the other in the what the hell did you sign landscape. They've been using this tactic for quite a while...well, you don't want to be like Haiti! 12% VAT Looks great!!, gee, that equipment burning up at BEC will only cost us 35m we didn't plan for and don't have instead of 100m wed thought originally, what a great deal!

Did you see how the goal post of this purchase changed from saving the people jobs to now creating jobs? You have nothinnngggg! as Mr Wonderful from shark tank likes to say. Whenever they speak, listen to the worst case scenario they give, well we're doing X because we don't want to get to Z. Z is exactly where they plan to go. Cue the list of FNMs from KP and Kwasi constituencies who will soon be employed at the hotel . The "Lucayan 52 week program"


ThisIsOurs 1 day, 11 hours ago on Kingdom Government Movement eyes 2022 General Election

Ahhh...wasn't there some recent not so kingdomy event that would disqualify him? Anyway, he'll probably go the way of the dodo bird....


ThisIsOurs 1 day, 11 hours ago on DPM: 'Reimagine' the economy from scratch

"Imagine the Commonwealth of The Bahamas as a blank canvas," he said. "No tourism, no foreign direct investment; a pristine land of opportunity. What would you create? What would you do?"

oh, you mean like lighthouse point?*?


ThisIsOurs 2 days, 4 hours ago on Hutchison escapes $3.25m tax on Grand Lucayan sale

None of this is surprising. It's very frustrating, but the trajectory was set from the minute he appointed the FS. It's not so much the act itself but what it tells you about: his understanding of the seriousness of the problem, his understanding of the qualifications required to rectify the problem, his unwillingness to seek sage advice to find a suitable candidate and his absolute need to control everything. He appoints people he can control and those who put FNM above country. This fingerprint is duplicated everywhere, the debacle of Oban was no fluke. The Freeport tech hub is a consulting pipeline for the committee and nothing else.

The only open question is what are the other ten men in the room doing???? Well 8 men,minus Wells and Lloyd


ThisIsOurs 2 days, 18 hours ago on Crypto, ICO rules completed within ‘the next 30 days’

"Moxey doesn't understand blockchain, nor does anyone at the BFSB."

You think so? I was wondering if he did or he was just the smartest one in the room. I listened to one show with him and the other members of the "tech committee" and everyone was deferring to him on everything. Thats not a good thing, especially after he's already pointed out that he sees no problem with his company benefitting directly from an initiative he's heading.