Twocent 2 years, 10 months ago

Offering the vaccine to 18-65 yr olds is an evidenced-based decision. For those younger than 18 there are insufficient peer-reviewed safety studies available, meanwhile they generally fair well if infected with SARS-COV2. Those over 65 do not have much in the way of peer-reviewed safety studies and the evidence is suggesting reason for caution. For example, in Norway 33 elderly died after receiving vaccination. One report argued that they had co-morbidities. My contention with that would be the idea they were going to die anyways. What competent authority puts such people at risk, unless it is for the good of the Big Experiment? The vaccine is a big experiment to which we are invited to participate. Trust is vital. The fact is....if it is a novel virus it is therefore a novel vaccine program, and until we are at least 10 years in we will not have the evidence, to begin to know with any certainty, the outcomes. An important note of caution to those who think the vaccination puts an end to masks and protocols of is not known if, and/or when, the vaccine sheds and renders a recipient "infectious". If it does we might as well have done a proper lockdown at the beginning of this pandemic and created our coved free bubble to which we could have opened to other coved free bubbles until the whole planet had cooperated, and become covid free (?) !


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