expatkz 9 years, 3 months ago

Fast talking Freddie is covering PLP arse yet again. The smooth talker is always having to cover up for either his or fellow blundering PLP'ers that have foot in mouth tendencies. If you live in Nassau, then you know full well the truth is the discrimination, bias and unfair treatment of immigrants (both legal and illegal) is commonplace and often cruel and arbitrary. Especially harsh has been the black on black racism. Bahamian men dominate this country and they love there Jamaican and Haitians sweeties on the side. You can be sure, the round up of illegals will not include there sweeties.... Too bad they couldn't treat all Haitians with the same respect when they burn there shacks and round up their parents as when they want some loving from the girl on the side. Yes have a tough immigration policy, but publish it fully, and don't be cruel. Is that so hard to understand? Do unto others and you would have done to you. I digress, back to the topic...for such a beautiful country, with so many things going for it, the Bahamas seems doomed with its current governmental structure. Every 4 or 8 years a brand new set of "officials" are set in place. But its like picking a sand lot basketball game... "officials" are selected based on appearance and how well they talk. Fast Freddie is a prime example. He looks good, he talks good, but his dept is a dysfunctional non effective mess . Sadly none to few of current of former dept heads have the skill set, experience, or actual moral fiber and character to do good things for the country. Rather they do anything that helps them personally, or that sounds good in the papers. Bahamians, if you want things to get better, vote out PLP and don't put in FNM either. You need a new set of younger, more intelligent people that actually care about the future of their country and have the moral fiber to make sure they set it back on good course.


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