stopit 7 years, 11 months ago

This issue of illegal Haitian aliens coming to our shores in droves MUST be stopped. The Bahamas has done all it can for our neighbors, now it's time to look out for Bahamians.The cost of dealing with this vexing problem will cost much hardship on the BAHAMIAN people. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!


stopit 7 years, 6 months ago

With all due respect to the judicial system, I find it very strange that Wayne Munroe could get a justice of the supreme court to hear HIS injunction within ONE DAY and other persons like Mr.ORTLAND BODIE can not be afforded the same privledge.We as a people, MUST examine the actions of these justices to see if they have vested interest. Secondly the numbers boss said that they would close their doors if the vote came back as a NO VOTE. They LIED to us on that. They also promised their followers a party after the vote.They LIED to them, it never happened. They are now going against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, and are now taking us to court.These GANGSTERS have gone too far.I want my government to fight these criminals, and expend what ever it cost to defeat this Criminal Organization. After the government has defeated them, then go after the proceeds that they got from their criminal enterprise and put that money in the treasury to creat REAL INDUSTRIES and not SPECULATIVE (GAMBLING) INDUSTRIES. If the government fail to carry out the wish of the people, i will support a PETITION (white paper), for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the leadership and member of parliment for my area if they do nothing. NO MEANS....NOOO.


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