(dssapta) Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6 Watch Online Free

(dssapta) Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6 Watch Online Free

Click To Watch >>> http://bit.ly/10mzP6j

Click To Watch >>> http://bit.ly/10mzP6j

Dr. Emma Marling seems to have gone from Owen's gala date to Owen's full-fledged girlfriend. As the preview begins, she's meeting her tall redheaded hunk at Grey Sloan Memorial on her way to observe a surgery — and she wants to make sure it's not weird or unprofessional that she's there.

"Um, hey, uh," Owen stammers. "Are we not telling people? 'Cause I told a couple people."

"Yeah, you could. Uh, you should. I — I would," Emma stammers back.

As if that exchange weren't awkward enough, Emma bumps into Cristina on the way out, who then asks Owen if it's Bring Your Girlfriend to Work Day.

Later in the clip, Cristina sees that Meredith is at a workstation and growing frustrated, but when she asks what's up, Mer says that it's nothing — that she's just deciding between research projects.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 is in the thick of things. Meredith is having a crisis about whether she's sacrificed her career for kids, Owen is starting to date again, and Callie and Arizona are still in a bad place — yep, sounds about right for five episodes into the season.

What can we expect from next week's episode, Season 10, Episode 6 ("Map of You")? We've taken a close look at the promo to see what secrets it reveals.

Why does Jo need an ultrasound? The promo opens with Jo saying "I need an ultrasound," and Meredith saying, "Are you pregnant?" The promo then focuses on Jo looking quite stricken. Obviously, we're supposed to think Alex's latest lady love might have a little Karev in the oven, but we've seen promo trickery before, and we're not convinced that this moment amounts to anything more than a little banter. Jo probably needs the ultrasound for a patient.

Owen's secret. Speaking of lady loves, Cristina runs into the woman Owen's dating, which could be a little awkward, since apparently he hasn't given his ex-wife the update on his love life yet. Better get on that, Owen.

Leah and Arizona? Assuming the editing isn't entirely misleading, it looks like intern Leah brings up the "amazing time" she had with Arizona... in front of Callie. That probably doesn't go over well.

Is Alex cheating? At the end of the promo, Jo trails after Alex, who says he'll see her later. "Will you?" she asks, implying he's been busy a lot. Then, she gets more direct: "Are you seeing someone else?" Our guess? The answer to that is "yes," but the "someone else" is his dad.

Yikes. We knew that the hard dose of truth Cristina doled out in Episode 5 would have nasty side effects, but it seems clear that Mer has no intention on restoring Cristina's bestie status.

The clip has so much more anxiety, so pop a Xanax and check out the full sneak peek below. (Kidding about the self-prescribing part.) Do you think Owen and Emma are a good match, or is she just playing second fiddle in his heart? Sound off below.


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