(dssapta) Scandal Season 3 Episode 4 Watch Online Free

(dssapta) Scandal Season 3 Episode 4 Watch Online Free

Click To Watch >>> http://bit.ly/10mzP6j

Click To Watch >>> http://bit.ly/10mzP6j

The fourth episode of "Scandal" Season 3 is "Say Hello to My Little Friend." Lisa Kudrow will be introduced as Josephine Marcus, a Democratic Congresswoman. The actress, known for her role as Phoebe in the popular sitcom "Friends," will have a recurring role in this season of "Scandal."

Actress Kerry Washington arrives at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards HBO after-party in West Hollywood September 22, 2013.

According to E! Online Scoop: The character of Kudrow is unlike her Friends' character as she has temper issues. "She's (Kudrow) got a great arc on the show," Darby Stanchfield, who plays the role of Abby, said to E! Online. "She gets to play a character that is not funny. I mean, there are funny elements...but her character has a temper!"

In addition to Lisa Kudrow, the other two guest-starring actors are Melora Harden and Patrick Fabian. Melora Hardin will appear as Shelley Meyers, while Patrick Fabian will portray the role of Senator Richard Meyers.

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The preview of the fourth episode of "Scandal" suggests that Olivia's (Kerry Washington) Pope & Associates is finding it difficult to bag a client, probably because of Olivia is President Fitz's (Tony Goldwyn) mistress revelation. The team takes-up the case of a philandering senator. The Senator looks like is facing a trial for allegedly killing a young girl.

The President outed his and Olivia's relationship but he was unable to see through it. Mellie (Bellamy Young) succeeded in getting Jeanine Locke's (Samantha Sloyan) name out as the mistress of the President. Kudrow's character will have something to do with Mellie. Mellie is likely to get her own scandal.

The promotional photos released by ABC suggest that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) will be having a hostile interaction with Quinn (Katie Lowes), which will lead to what we do not know. Ever since he came to know the truth about Olivia's father, Huck looks furious and distressed.

According to the official synopsis of "Scandal" Season 3 Episode 4: "Say Hello to My Little Friend": With Pope & Associates still struggling to find clients, the team decides to take on a philandering senator who enjoys taking photos of his not so public areas. Meanwhile, Mellie gets involved in her own scandal with Democratic Congresswoman Josephine Marcus (Lisa Kudrow).


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