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EDITORIAL: Time to talk about civil unions?

IS the time right to have a conversation about civil unions for gay couples and the legalisation of abortion?

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ALICIA WALLACE: Where does loyalty lie - with the party or the voters?

With Member of Parliament for Centreville Reece Chipman’s departure from the Free National Movement, there is been quite a bit of talk about loyalty.

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FACE TO FACE: Charlene’s lifelong ambition realised in decades of helping others

I had the opportunity recently to visit Dr Charlene Wallace’s Palmdale office and see her in action. She was busy advising patients, young and old, conducting eye examinations, and helping them choose the perfect pair of glasses to suit their face. She did it all with a glowing smile and an obvious dedication to her craft. When I learned she was the first Bahamian female Optometrist to return to The Bahamas and be engaged at the Ministry of Health, I understood the level of seemingly boundless energy she has. She is a trailblazer and she has set a good path for others to follow based on determination, commitment and zeal.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Let’s get ready to rumble

As wrestling fans throughout The Bahamas keenly watch the WWE vs AEW ratings wars, all while enjoying the weekly wrestling entertainment, the pro wrestling buzz has hit The Bahamas again, with the same fervor as days gone bye, when our generation were kids.

EDITORIAL: Can there be smarter ways to pay the bill?

The cost of Hurricane Dorian is beginning to become clearer.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Are we really getting the next steps right?

Mandatory evacuation, on the surface, seems like a good idea. It is for everyone’s safety, right? We want to ensure the government can legislate for our safety particularly when we expect disaster will strike. We need to know people in the most vulnerable areas not only have somewhere else to go, but are compelled to go.

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FACE TO FACE: Giving back - Doug's deep connection to The Bahamas

IMET William “Doug” Douglass through my father, Allan Ingraham. Daddy was very excited to tell me how Doug was building a recreational court for the kids in a settlement near Doug’s home in South Eleuthera back in 2017. It was a near $200,000 investm

Brave Davis - The Empty Suit

Brave Davis – The Empty Suit EDITOR, The Tribune. Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis is what the dictionary defines as an empty suit: “a prominent person regarded as lacking substance, personality, or ability.” His performance during and after H

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INSIGHT: The fight against the climate crisis can’t be fought by the government alone

IN the wake of Hurricane Dorian, The Bahamas has become the latest example for climate change activists as they ramp up the fight. Stunned by the realisation of how vulnerable we actually are to the threat of climate change, the government, still dizzied by the severe impact of the storm, is trying to gain its balance.

EDITORIAL: Residents still left waiting for govt

WITH much of the focus on Abaco in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, people in the East End of Grand Bahama are concerned.