BTC unveils new mobile features

THE Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is launching a new mobile feature that allows customers to carry out faster account transactions. The new mobile feature, Star 200 (*200#), allows pre-paid customers to top-up minutes, transfer minutes to another number or view their account balance and other information on their screens. Star 200 (*200#) will eventually replace the current account check, *44, that offers similar, but limited, features. With the broader *200# service, pre-paid customers will be able to check balances, top up minutes, make mobile to mobile transfers and use a new feature called 'Please Call me.' BTC said it introduced the service so customers would no longer have to wait on voice prompts, and would be able to carry out all account transactions faster and more conveniently with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. Jerome Sawyer, BTC's spokesman, said: "In a typical transaction, a customer can choose mobile-to-mobile top up by dialing Star 200 (*200#), then selecting option 3 for Mobile 2 Mobile top up. By choosing 1, the caller can send a request or enter the phone number of the customer to top up. "All they would need to do next is enter the dollar amount they want to top-up and press one to confirm the amount. The receipt will be texted to them at no charge." Transfers cost $0.25, and there is no limit to the transfers each customer can make. Mr Sawyer added: "There's also a new free feature called 'Please Call Me', which will allow customers who are low on credit - less than $0.33 on their account balance - the option to send a 'Please Call Me' text to another mobile phone." Customers have up to three free 'Please call me' texts a day. "This latest feature is just one in a long list of improvements we are making to ensure friendly, convenient service for BTC customers." This upgrade is just the latest in a $42 million investment to upgrade and improve wireless voice, data, and broadband services.


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