Candidates 'Never Doubted They Would Win Vote'

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) candidates, soon to be sworn in as Members of Parliament, said they never doubted that their party would win the 2012 General Election. Former Blue Hills MP Leslie Miller said he knew he would reclaim the constituency now called Tall Pines. "The PLP will bring new policies and change to the country in the next few weeks," he said. Renward Wells, former leader of the now defunct National Development Party (NDP), said there was "no doubt" that he would win his seat. He disbanded the NDP last year and was placed in Bamboo Town by the PLP to contest the seat. According to Mr Wells, he predicted that Cassius Stewart, his opponent within the Free National Movement (FNM), would come in second place at the polls followed by Democratic National Alliance leader Branville McCartney. "I will do great things in my constituency," he said. Incumbent Bains and Grants Towns MP, Dr Bernard Nottage, said his and the PLP's victory was proof that "former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham had no idea what he was talking about when it came to Bains and Grants Towns. "Hubert Ingraham does not know the heart of Bains and Grants Towns, because he only dealt with the upper class," he said. Dr Nottage said with his party in power he would focus on helping young, inner-city men. Cleola Hamilton said she was grateful the people of South Beach gave her a chance to represent them. She said she knew she had a "long, hard road ahead of her", but she insisted she could "transform South Beach to what it should be".


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