Fashion Report - 43rd Naacp Image Awards

By LESH and FARAH THE awards season is still going strong and celebs are getting a bit more bold in their style choices when stepping out on the red carpet. But bold does not always equal beautiful, and some stars go way overboard in trying to look unique. But like every event of this nature, the 43rd NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) Image Awards held in Los Angeles last Friday also showed us that some stars were just born to dazzle. * Viola Davis ( "The Help") Farah says: "Someone could have told this woman she needed a little more material on this dress; I hate this. She looked like a quarterback with boobs." Lesh says: "I think I see where she was trying to go with this, but it turned out to be an EPIC FAIL!" * Octavia Spencer ( "The Help") Farah says: "I am unsure about this. I thought her dress was beautiful but I was not sure if it worked for her. The colour is absolutely beautiful by the way." Lesh says: "I like her hair style, that is all." *Jill Scott ( "Why Did I Get Married Too?") Farah says: "There is something about the upper part of her dress that is just not working. But for a plus size lady she did a good job and she is rocking that hair cut." Lesh says: "Jill is looking like a diva, I like it." * Amber Riley ( "Glee") Farah says: "Best Dressed! Everything was just perfect!" Lesh says: "Amber gets a pass in my book." *Taraji P Henson ( "Think Like a Man") Farah says: "Another best dressed. She looked lovely." Lesh says: "All these outfits were just so bland. Again, her hairstyle is nice." * Tia Mowry ( "The Game") Farah says: "This dress made no sense to me at all. I do not know what Tia thought when she looked at herself in the mirror. This dress had no structure at all. I'm sorry, but you failed." Lesh says: "I love it! The dress has a nice flowing look to it." * Tracey E Edmonds ( "Jumping the Broom", producer) Farah says: "She looked flawless! The dress was perfectly tailored to her slender physique." Lesh says: "And the best dressed award goes too.......TRACEY! This was my fav, simply stunning." * Yolanda Adams (Grammy-award winning singer) Farah says: "LOL was all I did when I saw this mess. This is an ensemble a little girl would put together when playing dress up with her mother's clothing. First off, that dress looked liked a swim suit I saw in a thrift shop. And how in the world did she think that sparkly thing even matched." Lesh says: "No, no and no. There is nothing cute about this 'put together' outfit." * Loretta Devine ( "Grey's Anatomy") Farah says: "If I were to state everything wrong with this disaster it would take up the entire page. So I am going to keep it short. Can you say out of touch with fashion? And it looked as though she was wearing a poodle. She is making too much money to be looking like this. By looking at her outfit you would think you were looking at a red carpet in the 80s." Lesh says: "I don't think I can say what I really want to say, but I will say this, Loretta's stylist should be fired on the spot and if she (Loretta) personally picked out this outfit then she needs to fire herself as well." * Holly Robinson Peete ( "Mike and Molly"; "The Talk") Farah says: "She looked okay. Nothing more, nothing less, just okay." Lesh says: "Not the best, but better than most." * Gabourey Sibide ( "Precious", "The Big C") Farah says: "The big foot protruding from the split was the only thing I looked at. For a big girl Gabourey, aka Precious, did a decent job. The dress is nice but it was those shoes that bothered me. She should have swapped shoes with Yolanda Adams. The open toe thing just was not right, and Gabourey can't tell me she couldn't find one pair of stylish black pumps in all of the United States of America that could fit her. No excuse, Prechy." Lesh say: "Ahhh...the colour looks good on her." * Anika Noni Rose ( "Dreamgirls", "The Good Wife") Farah says: "I hate her Bruno Mars looking hairstyle. But the dress was all right." Lesh says: "I'm not sure about this outfit. She looks like a mermaid and that is not a good thing in this case." * Regina King ( "Ray", "24", "Southland) Farah says: "She looks well put together, although she should have worn a necklace to soften those man muscles and that collar bone." Lesh says: "I love to see celebs strut their stuff on the red carpet in RED; Regina looks very nice." * Vanessa Williams ( "Desperate Housewives") Farah says: "There was nothing happening for her with that dress. I loved her nails though." Lesh says: "Vanessa is 'gorge' as always, but the dress was not the business."


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