Morozov completes second leg of sailing around the world

By DENISE MAYCOCK Tribune Freeport Reporter dmaycock@tribunemedia.net FREEPORT -- Sailor Sergei Morozov completed the second leg of his sail around the world, arriving safely in Grand Bahama from Bermuda on Wednesday. He set sail on December 5 from Halifax, Nova Scotia on his 35ft C&C sailboat to Bermuda, completing the first leg of a very difficult journey. Mr Morozov - an experienced mariner and professional navigator - had encountered rough conditions in the Atlantic and had to manually steer his sailboat after the self-steering system failed. He arrived in Bermuda on December 24 and stayed there until necessary repairs were completed before continuing on to Grand Bahama. Mr Morozov, who is sailing solo with his cat, was towed into the Port Lucaya Marina after more than two weeks at sea. His motor and sail were damaged in a storm. Unlike the first leg, he said it was smooth sailing for most of the way to Grand Bahama. His fingers were very dry and peeling. "It was much better than between Halifax and Bermuda, he said. The weather was much nicer for most of the way except for one storm." Mr Morozov said he purchased the old sailboat for $1,000 and spent $30,000 repairing it. "The vessel is old and I bought it eight months ago - I fell in love with the boat the first time I saw it," he said. He said he was painfully exhausted after having to manually steer the boat. "The steering almost killed me," he said. According to the Royal Gazette Online, Mr Morozov steered by hand for six days, almost 24 hours a day. Mr Morozov said he plans to sail from Grand Bahama to the Panama Canal. From there, he will sail the Pacific Ocean to the French Polynesia, then to North Australia and on to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. He will then sail to Cape Town, South Africa, and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, then back to Halifax. After sailing around the world, Mr Morozov will attempt to embark on a much more difficult project - he will attempt to row around the world. "No one did it before. One person died and another quit - I will try to be first one," he said. "When I couldn't find enough money for my rowing around the world trip, I decided to sail around the world to see the route for myself; to see how currents and winds work for rowing the boat," he said. Morozov said that his daughter has been concerned about his safety, but knows he is a very experienced navigator. Grand Bahama resident Shaun Bean, who has been in contact with Morozov's daughter, said she was relieved to learn that he had arrived safely in Grand Bahama. "She was wondering about her dad and if he arrived, but she knows he is a capable mariner. "I am happy he is here safe and sound. Mr Prebin Olsen kindly agreed to help tow him in and give him a slip at Port Lucaya," she said.


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