By DANA SMITH dsmith@tribunemedia.net POLICE are searching for the two suspected armed robbers involved in Monday's high-speed car chase and gunfight on Eastern Road. Yesterday, police confirmed that two men approached a woman in the Palmdale area around 11am, armed with handguns. They robbed her of an undisclosed amount of cash and made off in her Nissan Sentra. The woman immediately called police, and officers on mobile patrol spotted a vehicle matching the description of the stolen car in the Montagu area, heading east. The driver sped off when he saw the police and a high-speed chase ensued. The car eventually crashed on San Souci Road after making a sharp turn. The men emerged from the car with guns drawn, according to police, and engaged the officers in a gunfight which frightened those in nearby homes. "I was in my house when I heard probably about four shots - it was like 'Pow pow pow pow'. I didn't know what it was at first but then I recognised that it was gunshots for sure," one woman said. "My dogs started barking and, of course, I was scared. I stayed in my house." Another neighbour told how he heard the loud car crash followed by "four rapid shots". Both suspects managed to escape, but an Eastern Road resident insists one of them was shot during the gunfight and must seek medical attention soon. The area was combed by police officers and canine units, but no sign of the men was found. Anyone who has information concerning this incident or the suspects is urged to contact police immediately by calling 919 or 911.


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