Smith sets out issues facing nassau village

PLP CANDIDATE for Nassau Village Dion Smith assured supporters that if elected, he will immediately set about addressing their concerns. Opening his constituency office on Saturday night, Mr Smith told the crowd he is dedicated to serving the people. "I am committed to working tirelessly for the implementation of policies, programmes and laws that will improve the quality of your lives," he said. Among the concerns Mr Smith plans to address are: the shortage of street lights, the lack of running water in some areas, unpaved roads and frequent severe flooding. But, he said, the main concern remains the crime rate - a sentiment echoed by party leader Perry Christie. Mr Christie said skyrocketing crime is the number one issue in Nassau Village and throughout the country. The governing FNM have failed to control crime, he said, pointing to the record number of murders. Mr Christie said: "Murders have doubled over the last five years - 500 murders on their watch and they have the nerve to do TV commercials patting themselves on the back for what they've done to deal with crime." He said the PLP already has a national crime plan - and not only was Dion Smith involved in creating one of his key components, Project Safe Bahamas, he has also outlined a number of initiatives just for Nassau Village. "That's why I know the Bahamas has a bright future: because of smart, dynamic, honest and sincere young Bahamians like Dion Smith; he is ready to fight for Bahamians," he said. Both Mr Christie and the candidate spoke about the PLP's plans to improve the quality of public education through targeted investment. Mr Smith said: "When elected I pledge to ensure 21st century classrooms and technology centres. "I am constructing a community centre for constituents to attend after-school programmes focusing on government cadet opportunities and further education and trade school plans." He said the PLP knows the greatest resource is "the people", and that Bahamians must start to prepare now if they want to take advantage of future opportunities.


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