The reason behind the wall

Re: The Unwanted Wall EDITOR, The Tribune. IN A recent conversation with the owner of the unwanted wall on East Bay Street, I was given the following explanation for the construction. Homeowners and business persons in the immediate area have been plagued with crime and safety issues and found evidence that the aforementioned property was used as a staging area from which to launch criminal activities. The owner, at his own expense, decided to build a wall of modest height on which to add barbed wire etc. in order to protect the community - something I should hope that all those whiners would do for their neighbour's protection, should it be required. When I drive by the area, I no longer see all the garbage that our "concerned" citizens tossed onto the former site, but I can still see the vista. I venture to state that even a wheelchair pedestrian can see the view and now has a sidewalk on which to safely relax. BC PS - A little research could have kept a lot of flytraps busy doing what they do best - catching flies! Nassau, November, 2011


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