Voters agree roadworks will be worth expense

THE New Providence roadworks WILL be worth the expense once they are completed, according to the majority of voters in The Tribune's online poll. Three hundred voters said the expense was worth it, compared to 127 who said it wasn't. Those commenting on Tribune242.com had plenty to say on the subject. "Prince" was positive about the project: "I think after all the roads are completed, we will appreciate it. Some of us like to stick to the old things but I think the government is trying to make this a better Bahamas." As was 'Cat Island Boy': "We Bahamians simply need to stop complaining and grow up. There are those of us who will always disagree with anything that Mr. Ingraham does. If he walked on water, some would still bemoan the stunt by complaining that he should have swam. Politics aside, and everyone will agree that this improvement project was sorely needed to upgrade some of our basic utility infrastructures. Yes, there had to be casualties, but at the end of the day the entire island will be better off." "Erasmus Folly" had slight praise for the Prime Minister: "I voted yes as well, but think it could have been implemented better. As always, Ingraham doesn't do the best job possible, but he gets something done and that is always more than can be said for the other side, which is all talk and no action, every single time." "Eyes wide open, nearly shut by roadworks" was a firm "no" voter: "It could never be worth it considering the number of businesses shut down, persons who lost jobs, the cars that have been ruined and ones in need of constant repairs, the waste of gas going north/south to get back to where you were." "Stanley Jackson Sr" was also critical: "NO! The road restoration project was poorly planned from the inception. Too many sidewalks, too narrow high volume traffic corridors, no jitney or school bus stop areas or stations, no future water, sewage and power infrastructure accommodations etc. Bahamians will have to pay again to correct these problems for decades to come. Not surprising. Another of Hubert Ingraham's FNM failure." The last word goes to "Genus86": "Just because it will be worth it does not mean that we had to go through all of this." * Don't miss your chance to vote in a brand new Tribune poll - now on www.tribune242.com.


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