Girls To Tackle Image Issues


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IN ORDER to blossom from a little homely bird to the most beautiful swan of all, young women must discover their inner beauty, cherish their bodies, and become fully secure within themselves.

Organisers of "Image", a developmental workshop for girls, hope to transmit these values during the afternoon event on Saturday, between 3-6pm at Fort Montague Beach.

"Attendees can expect a time of learning, fellowship, interaction discussions, relative to the topics and a simple fun filled time with live music and games to add. One of CHAMPS' main goals is to empower young women to be proactive and make a difference in the home, community and their world," said event organiser Samita Ferguson.

The girls club CHAMPS (Chosen, Honored, Appointed, Motivated Positive, Sisters) is hosting the event. It was formed in 2010 with the aim of empowering and uniting young Bahamian women.

There will be interactive discussions on topics including 'Young and Successful', 'My Body, My Temple, 'The Ugly Duckling Syndrome'.

"Many times women feel insecure and out of place, not knowing or remembering, that there is quality and beauty wrapped up inside of them. Sometimes they allow society to make them feel ugly and not worth anything. The Ugly Duckling session will remind them that there can be beauty in any ugly situation and that they can feel like a princess," said Ms Ferguson.

Another problem Ms Ferguson said she observed is that many young women do not value their bodies. How a woman treats her body, can also indicate and dictate her self worth. During the discussion under the theme "My Body, My Temple" attendees will exchange information on ways to keep one's body pure. Participants will also share strategies on avoiding situations that can put a woman on the wrong life path.

Ms Ferguson said many of the problems faced by women can be overcome through affirming one's beauty and self worth.

"Despite the struggles that young women face and their insecurities, they can overcome and make a difference. They will be reminded to have the image of greatness, and walk in a sense of spiritual renewal and success," she said.

Success is also part of the process to gaining a satisfying perspective on oneself. The "Young and Successful" discussion will provide young women with tips on how to be successful.

"This session will boost young women to know that they can achieve the impossible and be professional and successful, no matter what age. What better way to impact our youth and young ladies than by simply engaging in positive vibes that will make a long time difference in our communities."


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