Mitchell Seeks To Block Fnm Tv Ad

PLP Fox Hill candidate Fred Mitchell yesterday called on broadcast authorities to block an advertisement he says seeks to connect to him to an alleged "visa scandal".

Mr Mitchell said he has instructed attorney Raynard Rigby to issue two letters - one to the Utilities Regulatory Competition Authority (URCA), the other to ZNS TV - regarding an FNM political ad in which his image is used.

Calling the ad defamatory, Mr Mitchell said political campaigning should not be used as a cover "to repeat untested, untrue and unsubstantiated hearsay".

He said if the matter is not resolved to his satisfaction by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, "a writ will follow".

Mr Mitchell's attorney pointed out that the "visa scandal" in question is currently before the courts and therefore not a fit subject for political commentary.

"Given the urgency of the matter, we expect URCA will move swiftly to compel its licensees to prevent any further broadcast of the ad," Mr Rigby said.


Apostle 4 years, 9 months ago

Ain't that something? In his truest form, Fred Mitchell just like his PLP colleagues like to throw rocks and hide their hands. See Fred, when you live in glass houses, you don't throw stones. You can give, but you can't take. What's wrong with the confident hard mouth Fred now? I'm surprised you didn't tell the prime minister now to "But out of your business". You see, you seem to think that you're the brightest and smartest in the PLP and untouchable. You are at best haughty and caulky.

By the way, I believe that both the PLP and FNM are guilty of these types of ads. They were started by the PLP against Ingraham. You guys laughed, but now the joke is on you and you want action. I tell you what, by the time any decision is made or court date the election would be over. Politics is a dirty game me friend! Sorry!


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