Olympic Schedule

LONDON, England —

Here’s how the Bahamian

athletes will compete this

weekend at the 2012

Olympic Games:



(Our time in brackets)

10am (5am) - Women’s

50m freestyle

Arianna Vanderpool-

Wallace, lane two, heat 10

8:25pm (3:25pm) -

Women’s 50m free semis

Athletics (Track & Field)

Noon (7am) - Women’s

400m first round

Shaunae Miller,

heat two, lane three

First 3 of each heat (Q)

plus the 3 fastest times (q)

qualify for semifinal

Women’s 100m first round

7:05pm (2:05pm) -

Debbie Ferguson-

McKenzie and

Sheniqua Ferguson

7:50pm (2:50pm) - Men’s

Long jump

Raymond Higgs, 14th

jumper in Group B

Qualification standard

8.10m or at least

best 12 qualified


10:35am (5:35am) -

Men’s 400m first round

Demetrius Pinder,

Ramon Miller

and Chris Brown

12:30pm (7:30am) -

Men’s 100 metre heats

Derrick Atkins

and Warren Fraser

7:35pm (2:35pm) -

Women’s 100m semifinal

7:55pm (2:55pm) -

Men’s Long jump final

8:05pm (3:05pm) -

Women’s 400m semifinal

9:55pm (4:55pm) -

Women’s 100m final


7:05pm (2:05pm) -

Men’s High Jump

qualifying round

Trevor Barry and

Donald Thomas

7:45pm (2:45pm) -

Men’s 100 metres


8:40pm (3:40pm) -

Men’s 400 metres


9:10pm (4:10pm) -

Women’s 400 metres final

9:50pm (4:50pm) -

Men’s 100 metres final


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