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A POLICEMAN testified in Supreme Court that one of three men he arrested on a yacht in connection with a murder, protested his arrest.

Sergeant 2107 Gregory Lockhart, then second officer-in-charge of the Alice Town Police Station in Bimini told the court that after cautioning and arresting Daniel Ayo and two other men, Ayo expressed his 

“‘We just got jacked and this how y’all treating us?’” Sgt Lockhart quoted Ayo as saying when he was being arrested.

Ayo faces a charge of murder. It is claimed that he, on May 12, 2010 in Bimini, caused the death of Jamaican Clyde Tomlison.

Tomlison was shot around 2am on the day in question and died shortly after the incident in a government clinic.

The American from Florida denies the charge.

Yesterday, Sgt Lockhart, who is now stationed in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama, recalled his involvement in the murder investigation and how it led to the arrest of the accused.

He told the court he received a telephone call from Corporal 2791 Moss, who gave him certain information.

“As a result of this information, I proceeded to the government clinic in Bailey’s Town where I spoke to Cpl Moss who gave me additional information.”

“In the triage room at the clinic, I observed a dark skinned male with dreadlocks with what appeared to be a gunshot wound on his upper right back. Blood was coming from the same,” he added.

Sgt Lockhart said he and his colleague put the male’s body in the morgue after “the nurse gave me certain additional information.”

He said that shortly after 4am, he was directed by Cpl Moss to the area where the man was discovered.

“I saw a white golf cart and made a physical check of the scene where I saw what appeared to be blood stains on the seat of the cart.”

After speaking to Mr Holland Bain, “who gave me some information,” he and other officers went to the Bimini Bay Resort where they spoke to a security officer at the entrance.

Shortly afterwards while at the marina, Sgt Lockhart said they had “executed a search warrant on the motor vessel called ‘Bluewaves.’”

“Three males were occupying the boat. They were informed of my reason for being there. A search was conducted and as a result of my findings and other information I had received, I cautioned and arrested the three males who were occupying the vessels.”

Sgt Lockhart then told the court that Daniel Ayo protested his arrest and treatment.

“We just got jacked and this how y’all treating us?’ the court heard from the police sergeant who claimed those were Ayo’s words that morning on the vessel.

Prosecutor Linda Evans asked the policeman what was done with the .45 revolver pistol found on the vessel.

The officer said it was handed over to Detective Cpl McCoy.

“The persons you arrested, do you see any of them in the court?” Ms Evans asked.

“Yes,” said the officer as he pointed out the Floridian who sat in the prisoner’s dock listening to the testimony.

Defending attorney Wayne Munroe cross-examined next and asked the policeman if he could recall the attire of the deceased at the time.

“I can’t recall,” the officer said.

“Was he wearing any pants?” Mr Munroe asked next.

“I think he was wearing a dark coloured short pants,” the officer answered.

Referring to the evidence regarding the scene of the golf cart, Mr Munroe asked the witness if he had any dealing with the items recovered from the scene.

“No, I did not,” Lightbourne replied.

Regarding evidence of the arrest and the discovery of the weapon on the vessel, the attorney asked: “Did you do anything to ensure the hands of them were bagged?”

“No I did not,” Lightbourne replied.

“Nobody did anything to check that their hands were not washed?” Mr Munroe asked next.

“Not in my presence,” the officer said.

“Who all was present when Ayo said ‘We got jacked’?” the attorney asked.

“Myself, Sgt Checkley and Cpl Moss,” the officer answered.

Mr Munroe asked no further questions and the witness was excused. However, he may be called at a later date to continue his testimony, as Justice Vera Watkins granted the application by the prosecution.

The trial resumes today. Daniel Ayo is on $50,000 cash bail.


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