Man Accused Of Sex With 12-Year-Old Girl


Tribune Staff Reporter


A PINEWOOD Gardens man was remanded to prison without bail after he was arraigned on multiple charges of unlawful sex with an underage girl. The first offence is alleged to have taken place nearly two years ago.

Ivan Gaitor, 44, of Spice Street, appeared before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez yesterday facing six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl from the time she was 12 until she was 14.

It was claimed that between December 17, 2010 and June 6, 2011, he had sex with the girl who was only 12 at the time. Then, according to the charge, between June 7, 2011 and March 31 of this year, the man again had sex with the girl who had turned 13.

The remaining counts, according to court dockets, occurred on April 1, June 14, July 18, and finally August 18 of this year.

Gaitor was not required to enter a plea to the charges. The police prosecution indicated its intention to have the case tried in the Supreme Court.

Chief Magistrate Gomez told the man that a Voluntary Bill of Indictment would be served to him on November 7 to fast track his case to the Supreme Court for trial.

Concerning a bond, he said: “To get bail, you would have to apply to the Supreme Court.”

He was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until completion of trial.

Attorney Michael Kemp appeared for the accused at yesterday’s arraignment.


zinos85 7 years, 6 months ago

It is absolutely unthinkable that one can indulge in sex with such a young girl. She was in her early teens when the incidents happened, this is outrageous. The man needs to put through some counseling session, about controlling his sexual urges. There are many options available like http://www.liveprivates.com/listpage.php">live sex free, when you need to satisfy your needs.


leonardo85 7 years, 6 months ago

That is definitely outrageous, how could a man indulge in sexual act with a minor. Children should be made aware of these issues and the parents should be more cautious about their kids' safety. There are so many adult entertainment such as http://www.livesex.com/list/couple/fi...">live sex couples webcam available for people to help them fulfill their sexual pursuit.


Ironvelvet 7 years, 5 months ago

Desire to have sex with an underage person whether they are male or female is pedophilia, something that legitimate sex games/films could never satisfy. It is a mental illness that needs to addressed in a mental health fashion and they should not have any unsupervised interaction with minors.

No person with appropriate sexual urges would ever dream of ever having sexual relations with a minor, it is unnatural.


fair_person1 7 years, 3 months ago

people listen i know having sex with a minor is wrong and sick but we must not be so quick to judge people because lets look at it this way that little girl could of lead him on,what if the mother was prostituting this child,what if this could all just be a lie to get back at this man for some reason .people lets just think about these things before we go judging people i am strongly against older men having sex with minors and i am also strongly against wrongfully accusing people .this here is some food for thought how is it that this child and the mother could remember these dates so accurate it could only mean 1 or 2 things either the mother knew and was keeping dates or they are lying on this man


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