Take The Lead: Perception And The Courage To Shift The Paradigm

By Michelle M Miller

The way you see the world does not change the world; it only changes the way you experience the world. For many individuals, their lens of perception is often clouded by much misgiving and misinformation. Even so, many still hold true the notion that perception is 99 per cent reality. If this is in fact true, then the big question is – what makes up your perception?

As the candle of 2012 begins to dim in order to make room for 2013, I wonder if we are sincerely proud of what we have done over these past twelve months. Did we improve ourselves or this society? Have we expanded our perceptions? For the most part, the masses have remained with the same frame of reference and way of engaging their lives. You may think little of it, but your perception determines what you believe, accept, the way you behave and who you become.

Are you satisfied with your life or what you see happening in this society? What are you most proud of? What are the perceptions of our children? Too often, it is only the adults doing the talking and the often-abrasive tones and coarse language, presents an overly angry people. It is this perception of anger that produces a culture of aggressive behaviour.

Indeed, there is a subtle but very loud clarion call for a paradigm shift. However, do we have the courage to make such a shift? I have said it many times, life is not a static but dynamic experience. We cannot build a nation without first building ourselves. More importantly as information is the basis of our perceptions, we must be more responsible in our information discourse. The habit of fault finding and the daily serving of problem-focused discussions must give way to more innovative and inspirational concepts.

It seems to me that when adults get on the emotional and angry perch of supposedly expressing themselves over the airwaves they are oblivious to responsibility for tone and quality language. As such, in a culture of media programs focused on problem talking, only magnify the problems. Unless we improve the information we digest, we cannot improve the behaviours we express.

If we desire to improve this society, we must cleanse the lens of perception and shift from the paradigm of talking towards a new paradigm of focused-action.

Without such a shift, we will continue to regurgitate the same. We must begin to ask ourselves what promises are we keeping to our children. By our behaviour, what are we passing on to them? Too many of us are deluded into thinking that our children will only inherit our material wealth. The fact is you will pass on not only all that you have but more so - all that you are. Failing to cleanse your lens of perception, you also pass on this cloudy perception to your children.

I am convinced that we are at a critical social tipping point. We must find the courage to change the way we look at things, if we desire those things to change and improve. For us to reach for higher ideals, we must be willing to shift and expand our perceptions.

This is a defining moment. We can choose to live fearfully or fearlessly. We can no longer stay in a social matrix of misconceptions that hinders our shifting capacity. Life moves according to our direction.

Living fearlessly is about seizing the audacity to alter one’s thinking. When we feel more secure about our ability to overcome our challenges, we more aptly engage our power to shift and expand who we are and build a better nation.

Now is the time to take the lead and courageously shift the paradigm.

• Michelle M. Miller is a certified Life-Coach, Leadership Expert and Author of Take The Lead. She is the CEO of TTL Coaching Strategies and founder of the Girls Leadership Coaching Club. Questions or comments can be sent to coaching242@yahoo.com. Visit www.taketheleadbook.com for more info.


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